While hair loss is a very common thing for many men, its affects can be very devastating emotionally to its sufferers. Luckily, there are many treatments and products available for men to help them grow their hair back.

What is Causing Your Hair Loss?

While hair loss can occur in men for a variety of reasons (from stress to the foods you're eating), hair loss in men is predominately caused by male-pattern baldness. Commonly medically called Androgenic Alopecia, male-pattern baldness is a hormone imbalance caused by your genetics. Before looking at hair loss products for male-pattern baldness, however, you should eliminate other causes for you hair loss.

So why does this matter when it comes to looking for products for hair growth? Well, there are hair loss treatments that look at the hormone balance and attempts to fix it, and then their are the treatments that try to regrow you hair (despite the fact your body will just make it fall out again). So when picking your hair loss products, you have got to know why you're losing your hair.

Finding the Products for Hair Loss

The key for finding the product right for your hair growth, is looking at the ingredients to see what the product treats (the hormone problem or if the product just grows hair) and then once choosing the product, getting on a hair growth regimen.

When looking to grow your hair, generally you can grow or thicken the hair on parts of your body where hair still exists. If you're completely bald or have spots where the skin is completely smooth, you may be out of luck when it comes to growing hair on those parts of your body.

Hair Loss Products for Men

Nizoral. A sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) can develop in your scalp which can cause inflammation and other systems. When you use a product like Nizoral to treat DHT sensitivity can help with any hair growth treatment regarding hormonal and genetic hair loss. A product like Nizoral shampoo is key for success.

Proscar/Propecia. Proscar is the first drug ever create that can effectively treat male-pattern hair loss. Proscar is another DHT inhibitor and is one of the keys for treating the cause of your hair loss and making hair growth products work.

Rogaine Foam. Hair growth products like Rogaine are "growth stimulants" and are both good and bad for you. They are good for you because they grow you hair, but they're bad for you for the reason that they don't treat the cause of your hair loss. Combining a growth stimulant product and a DHT inhibitor, however, can get your some really good results in getting your hair to grow back.

S5 Cream. This type of men hair loss product falls under the category of antiandrogens. Where products like Proscar inhibit DHT levels internally, S5 Cream treats the problem topically by blocking DHT from reaching the hair folicules. One of the major benefits of using the cream is you don't have to deal with the side effects systematic approaches like DHT inhibitors can have.

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