There are many people out there, suffering from hair thinning, who are on the search for the best hair loss remedy. Hair loss is a problem that affects millions of people across the world. While hair loss is typically thought to be a male problem, it is also something that affects women as well. In some cases, as with alopecia, it can affect people of all ages, including animals; more than that, it can affect the entire body, including eyelashes and eyebrows, rather than just the head. The cause of alopecia, however, is usually very different from the cause of hair loss.

Problems known as male patterned baldness, and female patterned baldness, can typically be chalked up to genes; most people lose hair due to hereditary reasons. However, some people looking for a hair loss remedy are not always experiencing hair loss as a result of genetics. There are many reasons why a person could lose hair, including diet, vitamin deficiency, medication, or some other underlying medical condition.

If you're looking to grow back hair, or know someone who is, and are wanting to find a hair loss remedy, read on.

There are a wide variety of hair loss treatments and products on the market, each of which vary in price and effectiveness. Some products and treatments consistently show positive results, as they are based upon the science of hair loss, whereas others are varied in their effectiveness and may not necessarily give you the same results as other hair loss treatments. Still others do not help at growing back hair at all. It can be very frustrating and difficult, when you want to stop losing hair, to buy lots of different products that do not work. Fortunately, there are hair loss products and services out there that will help you grow back hair. Finding them is just the hardest part. You may find a hair loss remedy that is scientifically tested and certified to regrow hair, and while it might work for other people, may not work for you. This is usually because there are many different reasons as to why a person may be experiencing hair loss, so even if you buy a reliable hair loss product, you may not see instantaneous results. Therefore, you might have to try a few products or treatments out before you find what works for you. Keep in mind, though, that outside of surgery, hair regrowth can take months.

So what is the best hair loss remedy out there? Well, there are many available on the market that may help you regrow hair. Usually the most recommended stop hair loss products are prescription hair loss drugs. Propecia is one of the leading prescription hair loss drugs, and it is the only drug out there specifically for hair loss that acts as a DHT prohibitor. DHT, otherwise known as dihychrotestosterone, is a chemical that prevents the hair follicle from regrowing hair. It is the main cause of female and male patterned baldness. If you are experiencing hair loss, then you should ask your doctor if Propecia is right for you.

Another way to treat hair loss is to use a nonprescription drug known as Monoxidil, or more popularly known as Rogaine. Rogaine works by stimulationg hair growth, and is typically offered in two different strengths: 2% and 5%, with 2% considered "regular" and 5% "extra strength". Some clinics may offer even higher strength than 5% depending on the level of hair loss. Rogaine should be applied to the head 2 times a day, and it is typically recommended to consistently continue use of the product. Most bottles will last about 30 days, and it should take about 4-6 months to see results for hair regrowth.

A way to immediately start to "grow" hair back (or at least have the appearance of doing so) is to get hair restoration surgery. By men, this is actually the most popular elective surgery done, and for many is considered a great hair loss treatment. Hair restoration surgery works by transplating hair, surgically, into the areas of the head where hair is thinning as a result of DHT. If you want fast and instant results and are not willing to wait several months for hair regrowth treatments, then this is probably one of the best ways to go.

There are many ways to treat hair loss, but these are by far considered the most reliable. You may find that other treatments work just as well for you, and you should definitely take time to consider the cause of your hair loss and get a check up from your primary physician, if you have not already done so. If you are desperate to find a hair loss remedy right now, however, then the ones listed in this article will probably give you the best results.