Lots of people facing hair loss and thinning hair are turning to hair loss supplements to fight hair loss and promote hair growth. While there are some drugs targeting hair loss like Propecia, they are quite expensive and can have unwanted side effects. If you are looking for a more natural way to fight hair loss then hair loss supplements are a good place to start.

First, why hair loss? Hair loss can have genetic and/or hormonal causes. In addition, hair loss can occur in individuals showing deficiencies in essential elements like vitamins and minerals. There are also exterior factors like stress that can can precipitate hair loss. Unfortunately, that means that if your father or mother showed signs of baldness there are chances you might yourself become bald like they did around the same age. It doesn't have to be full on baldness, this is also valid for receding hairlines. Imbalance in hormones can also cause loss of hair, this is why drugs provoking an hormonal imbalance can also incur hair loss. Finally, if you lack vitamins or minerals this can also provoke or at least accelerate hair loss.

Popular hair loss supplements then are vitamin based. Ensuring all your vitamins and minerals needs are meant is the first step to get your hair loss under control. This is a cheap way to treat hair loss and can have great result. Once you know you vitamins needs are meant but your hair is still falling then you can look into more aggressive treatments like hair loss drugs. Let's have a look at the vitamins that play a role in hair loss prevention.

First is vitamin E, a vitamin regarded as being good for both hair and skin. Being relatively abundant in day to day aliments chances are you do not suffer from a lack of vitamin E so you should be fine on that front. If you do take it as a supplement be careful as it can become toxic in high doses. Two vitamins in the vitamin B family have proven useful as hair loss supplements, these are vitamins B6, B5 and B12. These vitamins help your hair keep its color and stay strong and healthy. Vitamin B3 is said to play a role in scalp circulation, nurturing hair follicles and thus hair growth.

Hair loss in men if often associated with the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Blocking the increase of this hormone helps getting hair loss under control. There are herbal hair loss remedies like saw palmetto which are said to help in fighting DHT (it does so by preventing the transformation of testosterone in dihydrotestosterone). However you should now that the efficiency of saw palmetto as an hair loss supplement as not been clinically proven and that the use of saw palmetto can have side effects. Always consult with an health professional before beginning any type of treatment. We would advise to start your fight against hair loss with hair loss supplements in the form of vitamins (check with your doctor first) and going from there.