Originally thought to be problem solely in men, female hair loss and baldness is major problem for women (making up 40% of hair loss cases in the United States). Hair loss for women is particularly bad because of the damaging affects to the sufferer's emotional and physical well-being.

When it comes for female pattern baldness, some women may have a hard to time to find a good treatment. Many potential drugs that could treat hair loss for women are often not researched by drug companies and drugs that may have good results for women; some doctors may not prescribe them.

The reason why doctors try to avoid prescribing internal treatment of female pattern baldness is because they don't want to lower your androgen levels unless they're already extremely high. Hair loss can be caused a variety of factors and so many doctors want to eliminate the other factors before treating you because of hair loss due to excess levels of androgen. So, many doctors choose to give you a topical treatment instead of a treatment that can take the form of a pill.

Anyways, here are some of the treatments that have been known to reduce or stop female hair loss and of course like many hair loss medications, results can vary greatly from person to person.


Minoxidil was originally developed to as blood pressure medication but was discovered to have some really good hair loss reduction and regrowth results. For hair loss, Minoxidil is found in a topical form. While used for male pattern baldness, Minoxidil surprisingly tends to have better results for women than men for regrowing hair.

Aldactone / Spironolactone

Aldactone is a drug designed to reduce fluid in your body while maintaining your potassium levels. For female pattern baldness, Aldactone is a antiandrogen drug that both reduces production of androgen as well blocks the action of existing androgen in your body.

Tagamet / Cimetidine

Tagamet was originally developed to treat ulcers in the stomach. When it comes to treating hair problems in women, it's usually used to treat excess facial hair growth in women but it also has antiandogen affects like Aldactone and can be used to treat female pattern baldness.

Estrogen / Progesterone

A hormone replacement therapy, estrogen/progesterone are is the most common form of systematic treatment of androgenetic alopecia treatment for women in menopause.

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