The Meaning Behind Hair Loss Dreams

Hair loss dreams are worrying events that happen to occur often in our lives. The dreams manifest themselves in many different ways. For example, hair falling out in public or a sudden revelation that one is bald. Similarly, dreams where a person suddenly realises that they are naked, or losing hair in front of other people. Closely related to these dreams are those where teeth are falling out. The feelings of embarrassment or public humiliation are the key o understanding the meaning behind hair loss dreams.

Hair Loss Dreams in the Dream Analysis of Jung and Freud

The literature on dream interpretation and meaning by of Jung or Freud would not delve into the specifics of these dreams. This is because both saw dreams as being in the context of the lives of the person. Sigmund Freud emphasised the sexual drive as being the primary motive behind human action, so inevitably his analysis focussed on this aspect. For Carl Jung, dreams were a very important part of his psycho-analysis.

The difference between Jung and Freud when interpreting the meaning behind a dream is that Jung favoured a broader base of analysis. Jung would analyse and interpret dreams in the context of the person's life. Therefore any exact codification of hair loss dreams needs to be made in the context of what is going on in the interplay of the subjects conscious and sub-conscious.

Hair loss dreams are deeply symbolic of deeply rooted fears that may dwell in the sub-conscious part of us. The following guide to interpreting hair loss dreams is intended to shed some light on the symbolism. However, the symbolism can only be fully understood if we understand the person's state of mind well.

Hair Loss Dreams Representing a Fear of Change or Upheaval

Hair Loss is associated with change or rupture to one's life. Therefore losing hair in a dream and associating it with negative feelings of humiliation or embarrassment can be a warning or fear, from the body. The psyche could be warning against change. Therefore, this change-ending a relationship, divorce, death, unemployment- could be being symbolised in the hair loss dream.

Losing Control or Feeling Powerlessness

In hair loss dreams, sometimes the loss is dramatic, or sometimes it is gradual. When the dream involves the person starting to become aware of hair loss (or teeth loss) the dream could symbolise a change or a situation, that the person feels he or she is powerless to control. Quite often, the dream reflects the person's life situation.

Relationship Anxiety Expressed in Dreams

Hair loss is an obvious metaphor for change or abandonment. Therefore, dreaming of hair loss could symbolise the fear or anxiety that a person has over being abandoned in a relationship. They could also represent the fear of a person wanting to abadndon a relationship.

Hair Loss Dreams and Feelings of Humiliation or Failure

As noted above, hair loss dreams are often associated with the warning feelings of fear, humiliation, failure and embarrassment that actually represent something else. However, it could be the case that the dream represents something that the person wants to do but is afraid of. The sub-conscious could be playing out a role play game in order to 'wish-fulfil' or express its fears over this event. Alternatively, it could be a warning over something that the person wants to do.

Fear of Ageing

Hair falling out in dreams is a very obvious symbolism for growing old or rather the fear that one is growing old. It could be related to the subject itself or possibly about the condition of a loved one. It could express anxiety about age or an upcoming birthday or anniversary.

Failing Health or Spiritual Poverty

Dreams can quite often have a much more prosaic and straight forward meaning. Hair loss dreams play a role here because they can symbolise a direct warning from the unconscious to the conscious over failing health. Similarly, they could represent a person falling into poverty or unhappiness due to other social and material pressures.

When interpreting dreams, men often ask what might I find out? Usually, the answer is 'his destiny'.


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