A Look at Hair Pieces - What You Should Know

A lot of emphasis is placed on physical appearances in modern times. With baldness becoming a common problem, the use of hair pieces is gaining acceptance the world over.

 An Overview

A hair piece is a partial wig of natural or artificial hair that’s used to cover a bald patch. Women use hair extensions, to give the appearance of longer or thicker hair. They gained popularity because of the negative connotations associated with balding.

As the name suggests, it made of hair that’s held in place with adhesives or elastic bands. In high priced wigs, each individual strand of hair is sewn into the base. The colour and texture sewn in is matched to resemble the natural colour and texture of hair.

Wigs used by personalities who are constantly under the limelight are often touched up to keep the appearance as natural as possible. The market for hair-pieces is not concentrated in any one country, but Japan has emerged as the largest manufacturer over the years.

In order to cater to the global demand, Asian countries like India, Philippines and Thailand export tons of cut and discarded human hair. Their silky texture  makes it appropriate for use in wigs.

Hair pieces are usually kept on a head shaped stand after use, to maintain their shape. They need to be cleaned with mild shampoos and dried naturally. Styling after every wash is also necessary to keep up its natural appearance. 


With the fickle trends in women’s fashion, women find it difficult to maintain their hair length as per latest trends. External aids for fashion purposes like hair extensions help give women a well groomed and up to date appearance.

Natural or synthetic hair is bonded on to a person’s existing hair to give the impression of more length and volume. Synthetic extensions are more durable and require less maintenance as opposed to natural hair extensions which are high maintenance.

Natural hair extensions are made from human hair that has been cut and discarded. It is graded according to length, texture and colour. Asian countries are the major suppliers of good quality hair and the hair is coloured to suit the market demand before being worked into extensions.

Hair extensions may be glued on using special adhesives, or may be sewn on to existing hair. There are costlier options like clip on extensions for cornrow braids available in the market too.

Care and Knowhow

Hair systems are expensive to purchase and need a lot of maintenance. Here are some basic maintenance tips that you can follow.

  • They should be washed with mild shampoo using cool water every week.
  • Using hot hair dryers can damage them and this should be avoided.
  • Using towels for drying purposes is ideal, and these should be wrapped around the head.
  • They should be brushed using soft bristled brushes.
  • Tie your hair in a loose pony tail to prevent it from tangling when you’re asleep.

Taking good care of your hair pieces  is extremely important for them to last. If you’re looking for a temporary solution then hair pieces are what you should ideally go for.