When you see a man with balding hair what do you think? Old, infertile, weak, not really up to the challenge? It is unfortunate but true that society views a man harshly if he is losing his hair. Hair loss is a very natural phenomenon and most men will experience it at some point but you wouldn't know that the way people view a balding man. If you are losing your hair, or have lost it already, you know how embarrassing that can be. It's not fair but that's how it works.

One of the best treatments for hair loss is to have hair plugs, also known as hair implants, transplanted into the bald area. This is a one day procedure that can be done right in a doctor's office. It is a simple procedure that can give great results. The surgeon will remove some hair follicles, hair units, from a portion of the scalp that still has good hair growth. These hair shafts are then implanted into the bald area in a way that makes them look absolutely natural. It is your own hair so it matches perfectly.

Hair plug costs vary depending on several factors including the location of the doctor and the number of implants needed. Generally speaking, a person will spend much less for the procedure in a smaller city than in one of the plastic surgery meccas like New York or LA. The cost of hair plugs can easily be twice or three times as much if you choose to go to a famous surgeon in one of these places. You can get just as good results with a less well known doctor in Denver or Seattle or Atlanta.

The thickness of the resulting hair transplants and the size of the area to be covered also have a direct result on the hair implant cost. The larger the bald area the more hair follicle implants that will be needed. The number of individual hair shafts that are transplanted can vary from as few as 600 to several thousand with the resulting |hair implant costs| rising concurrently. Also the denser the implants, how thick the hair results are, will be a big determiner as to the number of follicles transplanted.

The cost of an individual hair follicle transplant, and individual hair shaft, will range from about $3 to $7 depending on location and the skill of the surgeon. With the potential number of transplant units varying between 600 and over 4000 you can see there is a range of between $1800 and $30,000. This rate can even go higher at some of the most famous surgeons.

Is this cost worth having a full head of hair again? That is up to you but what is the cost to your self-esteem when you know people think you are 10 to 15 years older than you really are? I think anything to help you look younger is a bargain.