If you're going bald, then your number one priority before getting treatment is to find the best hair replacement companies. It is very important for you to do the proper research and weigh all of the possible options before deciding on what you want to spend your hard-earned money on. There are many different ways to go about fixing your balding issues, and each one has their own positives and negatives. With so many hair replacement companies out there, how can you figure out which one is best for you? The answer is simple; do the research and compare each one. Here are a few reviews of three of the most well-known to get you started.

Bosley Hair Replacement Companies

Bosley is very well-known and for the most part generally accepted as a great option for those who are going bald or experiencing some thinning around their hairline. These hair replacement companies are known to produce some pretty good results and use some top-notch physicians. What they do is take your follicles from parts where you are not balding, and transfer them to your thinning sections, giving you a natural look and no worries about toupees or surgery.

The cost of the procedures range based on how much restoration you're looking to get. Bosley hair replacement companies have a pretty good reputation and the major negative thing about them is some patients complain of intense pain during the procedures. However, many factors can contribute to pain issues. You can schedule a free consultation with a licensed physician through their website and find out if Bosley is the best option for you.

HairClub Hair Replacement Companies

HairClub is another popular choice to consider that seems to produce some mixed results. Visiting their website you can see all of the testimonials and "before & after" pictures of a select group of satisfied customers. The HairClub hair replacement companies offer competitive services and prices, and their website provides a lot of great resources and information to help you decide if their restoration system is right for you.

After taking a few moments to try and track down any negative feedback regarding the HairClub hair replacement companies, there did seem to be a few common complaints that stood out. The main one being that the systems customers received were unsatisfactory and sub-par. This is something to keep in mind if you're considering this option. While these kinds of complaints can be subjective, they can also hold a lot of truth to them. Luckily, a consultation is free and can be scheduled through their website.

Farrel Hair Replacement Companies

To be honest, while Farrel is highly touted--mostly by themselves--these hair replacement companies from Los Angeles and New York City should be avoided at all costs. They have a very well-crafted website and many "accolades" to their name, however, a simple search on Google yielded dozens upon dozens of customer complaints and scam reports. There were no legitimate positive testimonials anywhere to be found outside of their website. All of the customers complained about a common thing: poor customer service and poor quality product.

According to the vast majority of customer complaints, the owners of Farrel hair replacement companies have been known to yell and cuss at customers asking normal questions. The hairpieces themselves are often described as horrible, and clients are forced to keep paying to have them constantly fixed or replaced. To make matters worse, on RipOffReport.com, a Farrel employee has apparently tried to refute almost all of the complaints, using harsh and slanderous assumptions about each customer. Another red flag is the fact that Farrel hair replacement companies forums are closed to the general public, which implies they want to avoid the mass amounts of negative feedback they would inevitably receive. To sum it up, stay away from these crooks.

Tips on Finding the Best Hair Replacement Companies

The places and services outlined in this article are but a select few options to choose from. Many more legitimate options do exist; you might even consider checking out virtual reality hair replacement companies. The key to finding the best is to do research on each one. Perhaps there are some locally-run services in your area that are just perfect for your situation.

The internet is a wonderful tool and there are literally dozens of resources for you to learn about hair replacement companies. You can scour the web for reviews from clients and what kind of feedback is being produced. You'll want to find out how long they have been in operation and read their contract thoroughly. If you decide to schedule a free consultation, keep a clear head and don't get sucked in to anything that sounds suspicious. The best hair replacement companies are out there, it just takes a little bit of sleuthing to dig them up.