Why Was The Hair Lost?

The first and foremost point for anyone that is considering hair replacement, regardless of the technique, is to fully understand why their hair was lost in the first place, as once this information is understood, the most suitable hair replacement option can be looked into.

There are copious amounts of reasons why hair has been lost, from stress and anxiety through to medical diseases or treatments and as hair replacement cost can be expensive, it is important that the most suitable option is always chosen.

What Options Are Available?

It can be a daunting time realizing that hair has been lost and it is pleasing for many people to learn that there are vast amounts of hair replacement options available. Many of the links on this website, once explored, offer in-depth information into the options available, as well as providing advice on the most suitable choices for your individual hair loss.

The important point to remember is that whatever the reason the hair was lost, there will be a solution to help you regain a full head of hair.

How Much Will It Cost?

Due to the sheer volume of hair replacement options that are available, hair replacement costs can not be stated as a set figure and differs greatly depending upon the technique that is chosen.

For example, seeing a Doctor and receiving a prescribed shampoo that is to aid with the thickening of current hair and stimulating of new hair may only cost $30 every couple of months. However, if a complete hair piece was to be designed, taking into consideration modifications each year and monthly maintenance, the fee could easily exceed $1,500 each year.

What Should I Expect?

For all hair replacement techniques, it is always recommended to keep expectations high yet achievable. Many of the techniques available on the market today - a lot of which can be seen by checking out the links I've placed around this website - irrelevant of the hair replacement cost, pride themselves on being able to have a positive effect on a person who has suffered some form hair loss.

With this in mind, not all techniques are suited to everyone and the outcomes are generally going to differ from person to person. As this is the case, expectations should be set by considering what is wanted to be achieved and what can be achieved, as well as seeking advice from a professional in the field of hair replacement.