Luckily, just because you're losing your hair that doesn't mean you have to live the rest of your life hiding under a hat. Whether you're a man or woman there are a number of hair replacement options available from the simple to the more complex. Usually, as your options become more complicated they also become more expensive as well.

If your looking for a quick and simple fix along with instant gratification you might want to consider some of the fiber products available that are designed to make hair shafts appear thicker. Two of the more well-known fiber products are called Toppik and XFusion. These products contain fibers that have a chemical makeup similar to human hair. It may sound a little strange, but the product is applied by simply spraying, painting, or sprinkling it on your scalp. The fibers simply cling to your existing hair and create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. Unlike a wig or toupee, you don't have to worry about the product falling off because the fibers stick to your existing hairs using static electricity. These fiber products work a little differently and are a bit more advanced than the spray-on "hair-in-a-can" products you see on TV.

These hair thickening products seem to work best if you still have some natural hair to work with. These products work well if you have a thinning head of hair or are trying to conceal balding areas. They are made to blend in with your own hair color so it makes sense to choose the right shade. Most applicators come with a template you can use to help with the application process. In most cases, the template should be placed slightly behind where the thin hair starts to achieve the best results. The only way to remove the product completely is with a thorough wash.

Other hair replacement options include the use of a wig or toupee. Although as of late, the more politically correct term "hair replacement system" has been used when referring to any type of hairpiece used for both men and women. You can purchase a hairpiece for less than $100 but if you're serious you'll probably spend at least $1000 or more on something made for the long-term.

You may also want to consider pharmaceutical drugs, laser surgery, topical treatments, or hair restoration surgery. Some hair loss that is medically related can be treated if the underlying health issue is addressed. However, medication usually only works on certain types of hair loss. At one time, hair restoration surgery was out of the question for many people due to cost but as more surgeons have become trained and technology has advanced the cost has come down. After fives years, a hair transplant can start paying for itself if you take into consideration how much it costs to purchase and maintain a high quality wig or toupee.