Hair replacement system is a broad term used to describe both wigs or toupees and everything else in between. Other hair devices that fit under this category include hairpieces and rugs. For whatever reason, many people turn to wigs and toupees as a solution to their hair loss or hair thinning problems. Either hair restoration surgery is too invasive and expensive or they simply need a short-term solution from hair loss that may be due to a medical condition or treatment such as chemotherapy.

There are different types of hair replacement systems as well as pros and cons that go along with each one. The major advantages include a relatively low initial cost as well as fast, easy and painless results. One of the major disadvantages is that there will be a need for frequent cleaning and repairs. You will need a duplicate system while your current piece receives a tune-up.

The highest quality and most natural-looking hair systems are made from human hair and must be returned to the manufacturer regularly for cleaning. Even when you take the time to keep them in tip-top condition, most only last a year or two. As long as you continue to wear the piece you should expect to keep up with the maintenance and expense of doing so. There are cheaper hair system alternatives but the hairs may be made from artificial fibers or animal hair. These systems are less durable and begin to look fuzzy very quickly.

The most common and affordable hair replacement systems are made from Asian hair that's been dyed to match different ethnic groups. Asian hairs are generally easier to work with because of their coarse, straight, and strong composition. However, because the texture is naturally different from your own hair, unless you happen to be an Asian the final result doesn't look convincing. The bleaching and toning process also makes the hair system brittle and vulnerable to breaking. If you're going to invest the money in a wig or toupee, the hair should be from a person with a similar complexion and appearance as yourself.

Some other disadvantages you may want to consider is that some hair systems may accelerate hair loss. This can be for a number of different reasons, including the attachment methods used on existing hair as well as the possible psychological effects and stress associated with wearing and hiding the piece from others. However, unlike those from the past, most modern hair systems can be completely undetectable. At first glance, a wig or toupee may seem like the cheapest hair replacement option, but remember in the long run the real cost can add up to a few thousand dollars a year when you take into consideration the purchase, replacement, and maintenance costs. As an alternative, you might want to consider hair thickening products, or laser hair replacement surgery instead.