Women have always had a little different situation when it came to growing hair in bald spots than men did. With men hair implants were very simple. A ribbon on scalp was removed from the back of the head and the incision sutured up. The individual hair follicles were then removed from the ribbon, cleaned, and prepared for transplantation to the bald spot. It was really straight forward and relatively easy because men almost always had good hair growth at the back of their head even if the top was completely bald.

Women, on the other hand, didn't have it so well. When male pattern baldness affects a man it almost always causes balding above the forehead and on the crown. The rest of the hair keeps growing well. When a woman suffers from female pattern baldness it is never known where the bald spot may show up. Along with this, the woman usually is experiencing thinning hair syndrome along with the bald spots. This means she would not have any portion of the scalp that could be used for an effective donor area because the hair shafts per centimeter number would not allow it.

This has all changed now with the follicular unit extraction method of hair restoration for women. This current method no longer requires a donor area of thick hair. Instead, the individual hair follicles can be removed one at a time and transplanted to the balding area. This means even a woman with thinning hair can have implants with there own hair. The surgeon just needs to spread out the area that is used for donors. The first part of the procedure involves special consideration of where the individual hair follicles will be removed from to still give a fairly full looking head of hair. Once the individual follicles are marked the cosmetic surgeon proceeds to remove them one at a time with a tool specially designed for this procedure. The resulting wound is so small it looks like a pin prick and will heal within a few days.

After the follicles are removed and prepared the surgeon then places the hair units in the bald area being careful to match the direction of the surrounding hair. One of the great things about this method is hair from other parts of the body can also be used as filler hairs. These courser hairs are not really good for the hair lines at the forehead and temple but they work just fine on the inner scalp.

Finally women have a natural hair restoration procedure that uses their own hair instead of donor hair from another person or artificial hair shafts. Women can now have the same great looks that hair implants have been providing to men for years.