You understand how difficult it can be to get good, worthwhile information for treatment if you are suffering from spots of hair loss on your scalp, also called male pattern baldness. There are a small number of techniques in reality that work in growing hair back but there are all kinds of assertions out there. The procedure called hair plugs with near 100% success has been used for years but at present it goes by the term hair restoration or hair implants.

Behind this method is an uncomplicated theory. A number of the follicles can be transplanted to the hair loss site to provide you with a fuller head of hair if you still have hair growing on part of your scalp. Hair restoration prices for this procedure are not really all that expensive when you consider it is a one time charge that you have to pay.

When the procedures were initially being used; the name hair plugs came from how the results appeared. In the 1950's hair plug surgery was born. The procedures were much undeveloped at that time and plastic surgery was in its immature stage. Comparatively large spots of scalp were extracted from the areas of the head with hair and implanted in the hair loss sites. A cheap dolls head appearance emanated from these large grafts. This was very conspicuous and indeed looked worse than the bald area.

As time moved on the hair transplant methods advanced until currently the technique is called hair micro-transplantation. The hair restoration doctor and his or her team extract many unit hair follicles and reinsert these into the bald portion with this new technique. An experienced surgeon can put these in a manner that seems very natural and can even implant them to position in the direction of the normal hair. An excellent plastic surgeon can provide you with an outcome that is nearly hidden even upon quite close check of the scalp.

Under local or light general anesthesia the technique is typically done in the doctor's office and takes approximately a day. The curing process is quite fast and any pain can generally be lessened with over the counter drugs. If you are searching for reprieve from hair loss or male pattern baldness then hair plugs or hair implants are the only solution with close to 100% explicit upshots.

Don't put it off another minute. You deserve to have a full head of hair again so you can get back your youth.