Catering to beauty consumers that want a quick and easy non-permanent hair color to conceal the roots in between salon visits, cosmetics companies have developed several root color touch up products. The follow root concealers all tend to receive good reviews. The main differences lie in the application of the product and colors available.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-up and Highlighting Pen

This root touch up product comes in five different shades, two blondes, two brunettes, and one near black color. First, you brush the gel onto your roots and then use the small comb provided to evenly distribute the gel over your roots. Allow the product to dry for 15 minutes making sure not to touch your hair during this time.

TouchBack Hair Color MarkerTouchBack Marker by ColorMetrics

With this hair color marker by ColorMetrics, you have one of the largest selection of colors. Touchback Hair Color Marker comes in eight shades including blondes to black and two shades of red. You apply the color with a large oval shaped marker and then brush the root hair color into your hair with a small comb. Dry time with this product is only a minute.


Also by ColorMetrics, ColorMark is similar to the Color Marker product in application and shade choices. The difference is in the applicator. ColorMark comes with a small soft-tip applicator that looks like a lip gloss applicator. Its small enough to fit in your purse and take with you.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer

Rita Hazan Root Concealer comes in only four shades, dark brown, light brown, blonde, and red. This product is an aerosol spray, much like hairspray. To apply, first shake the aerosol can. Then while holding the can about six inches away from your roots, spray the root concealer evenly over the area you want covered.  You can hold the can closer for a darker color; however, this may make it obvious that you colored your roots as it may not cover as evenly. Since it’s an aerosol spray, you may want to wrap a towel around your shoulders and shirt to prevent getting the root color on your clothes.

Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day Fill in Powder with Brush

Great Hair Day Fill in Powder with Brush is designed for making thinning hair look fuller; however, it also does a great job of covering up roots in the process. This is a powder that you apply to your hair with a brush just as you would apply blush or powder foundation to your face. Without gels and creams to mess with and no dry time, once you become practiced at applying this product, it adds little time to your beauty routine.

More Beauty Tricks and Tips for Using Root Color Touch Up Products

These are only temporary root concealers and not permanent hair color. They will wash out when you shampoo your hair or even get it wet. It's not advisable to go swimming or spend time in the rain after using these products. All are applied to dry hair but usually can be applied after you’ve used your regular hair styling products such as mousse or hair gel. You can then use hairspray after applying the root color touch up product. These products do take some practice to get the right coverage you want for your roots.

Also, if cosmetic ingredients are a concern for you, many of these products are promoted as paraben free or as using less harmful ingredients.