Many people with thin hair are looking for ways to increase the thickness of their hair shafts. Also, hair shaft thickness also plays a major role in conveying the image of a full head of hair, so many people experiencing hair loss may be looking for hair thickening products as well.

Using certain types of styling gels or mousse can often give your hair a thicker appearance. These products increase the roughness of each stand of hair and give the appearance of a thicker hair shaft. Because the hair strands are more rough, they stick to each other which also makes your hair appear fuller. If you have thin hair, you should stay away from smoothing products because they end up diminishing the rough texture of hair and will your hair appear even thinner than it already is. Because there are so many different brands on the market, you'll have to experiment to find out which mousse or gel works the best for your unique situation. There are also some shampoos and conditioners available that can help promote hair thickening. There are also products such as hair wax, pomades, and even horse tail grooming products that help your hair appear fuller.

In addition to the many different cosmetic products explained above, there are also a variety of fiber products on the market that are designed to make hair shafts appear thicker. This is just one of the many different hair replacement options available for men and women looking for a way to create an illusion of a thicker and fuller hairline. These topical products consist of colored protein fibers that can conceal thinning hair. These fibers adhere to the base of the hair follicles near the scalp and add bulk to the hair shaft. These fibers usually stay in place because of static electricity but fixing sprays can also be used to give them additional holding power.

Although this is only a short-term solution to a long-term problem, the process is quick and easy and the results can be dramatic. However, these hair thickening products have their limitations in that they are most useful for those people that still have quite a bit of hair left to work with. As you continue to lose more hair, you may have to start dealing with thin hair that now looks even thinner because you can no longer continue using the products that once concealed what you were trying to hide. If you are dealing with hair that is too thin or are tired of using products to help your hair appear thicker, you may want to consider some of the many different hair replacement systems that are available.