Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is one of the most common complaints made by women with wavy or curly hair. It can take beautiful hair and make it seem out of control. The reason that hair frizzes is because of its structure. The outer layer of each hair strand, the cuticle, has tiny pieces that resemble shingles. When these pieces lay flat, you have calm, frizz-free hair, but when the “shingles” lift, your hair will frizz out. Because of this, most of the hair tips designed to keep frizz in check focus on keeping these “shingles” flat. Here are some of the best ones to make sure your frizz doesn’t ruin an otherwise great hairdo.

Careful With Brushing

One of the times when most people do a lot of damage and cause a lot of frizz is when they brush their hair. If your hair is curly, you should never brush it when it is dry or you will greatly increase your chances of developing frizzy hair. Instead simply use a comb (or finger comb your hair) after your shower while it’s still damp. If your hair is straight, however, you should try to avoid brushing it when wet.

Drying Your Hair

If you have frizzy hair another time you can cause more damage is when you dry it. Most people want to get their hair dry as fast as possible and this means that they will rub it with a towel. However, this is one of the worst ideas especially if your hair is frizzy as it creates a great deal of friction. Instead, one of the best hair tips is to simply wrap your hair up in a “towel turban” (wrap the towel around your head) and then gently squeeze out any excess water.

Add Moisture

One of the best hair tips to help fight frizzy hair is to do whatever you can to add moisture to your hair. Frizz occurs because of dryness and damage so one of the best ways to help it is to add moisture. You should try to regularly use a frizz cream, natural oil or conditioner. If you go with oils, always opt for natural ones as the hair can absorb them much easier. If you are out and about and your hair is frizzing too much, you can also try adding a bit of moisture the old-fashioned way: wet your fingers and run them through your hair and you will some improvement. For intense moisturizing treatment, try a deep conditioning mask once each week to help replenish any lost moisture.

Less Damage

As mentioned above, the two main causes of frizz are dryness and damage. We already discussed how to help the dryness so what about the damage? For starters, try to avoid your hair care habits that create this damage in the first place. This means you should avoid over-processing your hair, so avoid using relaxers and other chemical products too often. You should also try to avoid hot styling tools as much as possible. This includes anything such as blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. If you need to use these tools, always use a heat protector first and use a diffuser with your blow dryer. Surprisingly, the best way to reduce damage when using flat irons and curling irons is to use a high heat setting. This is because your hair will be in contact with the heat for a much shorter amount of time, minimizing the damage.

Pick Your Products Carefully

If you want to control your frizzy hair, you not only need to pay attention to your habits, but the products you use as well. For example, when you pick your conditioner, opt for one that has protein. That is because conditioners that are protein-infused will manage your frizz and create some shine. No matter what product you are using, avoid ones that contain alcohol. That is because alcohol will dry your hair out even more, creating more frizz. If you can’t seem to find alcohol-free products, check salon quality items. They are a bit costlier but are much less likely to contain alcohol (and may even give you better results).

Choose Products


Everyone should get regular haircuts, even if they are trying to grow their hair out. That is because when you don’t cut your hair regularly, there is a higher risk of breakage such as split ends developing. If your hair is already frizzy this can make matters even worse. Remember that no matter your hair type, one of the great hair tips is to have it trimmed at least every 8 weeks.

Wash Less

In today’s society, we tend to wash our hair every day but if you have frizzy hair, this will actually make it worse. Not only will it dry your hair out even more, but the natural oils that build up in your hair can help fight the frizz. Try limiting your hair washing to only several times a week instead of every day. If your hair feels too oily between washes, try one of these hair tips: use a dry shampoo or apply a bit of talc to soak up the oil.

Oil Treatments

To help pamper your hair, add moisture and protect the cuticle try doing a hot oil treatment once a week. Because these treatments are not as heavy as hair masks, they won’t weigh down your hair. One of the best hair tips to keep in mind when doing this is to only use it by your ears and lower as otherwise your crown may get too flat.

Choose Your Brush Carefully

When you select the right brush you have many options but they are not all equal. It is always best to use brushes with natural bristles. While they might be a bit more expensive than other options, your hair will appreciate the difference. You will get smooth hair with less frizz and they are also a great way to help you distribute the natural oils in your hair, which in turn will help moisturize and fight frizz. But remember, if you have curly hair, avoid brushes and use wide-tooth combs or your fingers.