Hairdressing Scissors and Hair Shears Are A Must For Professional Stylists

If you cut hair for a living, you are probably looking to buy the best hairdressing scissors you can find. This is a notion that was probably emphasized to you back in your cosmetology school days. Hairdressing scissors are one of the most important investments that you can make if you are a professional hairstylist. There are many different scissors and hairdressing scissor sets to choose from, be sure the set that you use is of the best quality you can afford; you will be using them a lot. Even more importantly, your clients' hair depends on it. Your scissors are not the place to save money, they are just too important of a tool. If you are a new stylist, you may not be ready to go out and purchase the Kamisori Black Diamond Scissors set, but you should purchase the best scissors that you can afford. (Ah, the Kamisori scissors- they do cut through hair like butter...)

What makes hairdressing scissors so good?

If you're wondering what makes hairdressing scissors work so well, you're not alone. It seems that all scissors have the same basic shape and construction, and should do the same job the same way, right? Nope. Actually, when it comes to hairdressing scissors, nothing could be further from the truth. These scissors come in all different levels of quality and craftsmanship which can make a big impact in the finished product (the haircut).

Some stylists prefer to purchase scissors that have three finger holes in them. While not for everyone, most of the people that use this particular style of scissors swear by them. Three finger hole scissors might look a little bit crazy, but once you get used to them they make your job easier. When comparing different brands of hairdressing scissors, take a look at the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. Some warranties are very generous and will cover just about anything that could go wrong with your scissors, while other warranties barely cover manufacturer defects and should be avoided. I feel that for the amount of money you're paying for professional hair scissors, you are entitled to have an excellent warranty that goes with them. No warranty, no purchase– it's just not worth the risk.

It's a good idea to attend as many hair shows as possible. Not only will you have the opportunity to observe different styling techniques and sample different styling products, you will also have the opportunity to test a variety of hairdressing scissors and hair shears. This is a great way to figure out what type of shears work for you, and which brands you would rather avoid. Sometimes, hair shows will have rebates available that you can use towards a future purchase. These rebates can offer significant savings and help keep more money in your pocket. Buying professional hair scissors is a big investment, but a necessary one. It would be counterproductive to purchase a mediocre pair of scissors, and then turn right around and purchase a better pair of scissors. When you add the amount of money that you spent on both pairs of shears, you might have been better off springing for the better scissors in the first place.

I highly recommend that you get your scissors professionally sharpened on a regular basis as recommended by the manufacturer. I have seen stylists attempt to sharpen their own hairdressing scissors and completely destroy the blades. Even worse, some manufacturers may void your warranty if you fail to get your scissors serviced by a professional. Again, your scissors are not where you want to try and skimp to save a few bucks. By an excellent pair of hairdressing scissors to begin with, treat them with respect and make sure that you perform all necessary maintenance.

Hairdressing Scissors

Kamisori is one of many brands of professional hairdressing scissors.