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Do you have a special friend whose company you really appreciate? Are you looking for a cute gift idea that will express your feelings of closeness in a fun way? Best friend necklaces like the one shown above have made very popular gifts amongst friends because they symbolize togetherness and how each friend simply isn't complete until they're with their companion. Half circle best friend necklaces like the one shown above are some of the most dramatically matching of all - when you fit them together they line up snugly and make a perfect clean circle. Depending on the differing shapes of other varieties of best friend necklaces, the shapes may match up cleanly or not very well at all.

If your best friend necklace forms a non-symmetrical image like a free hand design or a character or animal, it will be harder to achieve a clean match when you try to join the two pieces back together. However, if you have a symmetrical shape for your best friend necklace pendant, such as a soccer ball or a square, you can expect the two pieces will fit together pretty cleanly once you join them back together. If a symmetrical match is important to you and your best friend, one of the best ways to ensure a necklace will have the fit you want is to try it out before you buy it. If you are in a jewelry shop you can ask to see the necklace and try to fit the pieces together.

If you buy your best friend necklace online, you're more or less taking a chance on how well it will fit together. You can try to judge from the pictures on the website, but you will eventually only know once you receive it in the mail. To some people, whether or not their best friend necklace pieces fit together well is not very important, but to others it's paramount. People who insist that their best friend necklaces fit together well feel that their necklace should join together as well as they and their friend do!

Other Circle Best Friend Necklaces

No one ever said your best friend necklace has to match up from two separate pieces. In fact, there are several kinds of popular best friend necklaces that don't have any matching pieces whatsoever, just a large central pendant:

Circular Best Friend Necklace Pendant

If you like this type of best friend jewelry better, you can always buy one for yourself and one for your best friend. That way you will still be able to match as you go around together, but you'll each have a whole necklace instead of one that looks like it might be broken!

The best thing about shopping for best friend jewelry is that there's no one right answer for any particular person or pair of friends. If you and your friend like something unusual, all the better. It will help you two to stand out in your unique tastes.

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