Tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many people want to have a tattoo in their body to express or relay some message. Before, tattoos are only seen as small images in the body but as the body art continue to be popular, many people are now fond of having sleeve designs. The sleeve tattoos are like sleeves that wrap certain part of the arm. There are full sleeve, quarter sleeve, and half sleeve tattoo designs. The size of the tattoo design determines the type of the tattoo.

Half sleeve tattoo designs, just like any sleeve design, are big images or collection of images that cover the part of the arm from shoulder to elbow. These are tattoos that are partly exposed. This is the reason why many people are choosing to have sleeve designs because they tend to grab attention from other people. With this, if you really want to have this kind of tattoo, your design should be the perfect one for you.

You should choose the design that you would want to be in your body for a very long time. In choosing the design, meaningful designs tend to be the best designs because they are carefully chosen and personalized.
Since sleeve tattoos are relatively big, they are done in multiple sessions in which each session lasts for about an hour. You should really have time and commitment if you really want to have this tattoo. Tattoos are also permanent so take some time to think about the design that you really want.

There are many popular designs of sleeve tattoos. One of the most popular half sleeve tattoo designs is the koi fish. Koi fish is very symbolic and sacred in Japan because it is a symbol of power, strength, and finding one's path. Other popular Japanese designs are samurai and cherry blossoms. Another popular design is a tribal design.

This design has intricate and detailed strokes because of the boldness of the design. Celtic designs are also popular because of the amazing and creative knot-works that can be done. These designs are more complicated than the tribal design that's why many people are choosing to have these designs in their body.