Add a Hall Storage Bench - Storage in any house can be hard to handle. Sometimes it feels like you are busting at the seams. Finding a place for everything can be hard, especially when you have kids, and a tiny hallway! A hall storage bench is a great way to go. There are many on the market, but one of the best ways is to use what they call a hall tree and storage bench.

This is basically a slim hall seat that also doubles as storage. But the back is high and it is complete with hooks for coats and backpacks. It is a good looking piece of functional furniture. This is a great way to organize the hallway, and is a "all in one" piece of furniture. This works well in most hallways, but might be especially useful, if you have everyone coming in the "back door" where there is not the same closet space as at the front door. Some older houses have little to no hall storage. A Hall storage bench or hall tree and storage bench would make a great addition.hall storage bench

Indoor storage benches comes in all different shapes and sizes. They are not reserved for that ottoman in the center of the room, where you kept your LP collection. They are trendy and totally functional pieces of furniture. Which is what we need to keep on top of clutter.

If you can find a place for everything, then cleaning up the clutter can be quick. If you find that your kids are piling up their backpacks and coats on the floor at the door, then maybe it is time to look at a hall storage bench. Consider indoor storage benches for most rooms. It is a great way to add additional storage space without renovating present closets. Hall Tree and Storage Bench - Black (pictured)

You can get these from any furniture store, but you can also get them online with Amazon. The internet is a great place to compare prices and styles and designs of a hall storage bench or any indoor storage benches. You can get them for larger areas and also for corners. They have great styles for family rooms, bedrooms, and of course the hall storage bench.

If you already have hooks on the wall, so the coats are taken care of, then you should consider simple indoor storage benches. These are basic rectangle style wooden boxes with a hinged lid. They are great for putting on your shoes or boots, and also a great place to put all those hats, mitts and scarves. Even backpacks can be stored in here rather than on the floor in the wet from those winter boots.

Trying to get your kids to pick up after themselves, especially when they are in a hurry to get in the door after school, can be hard, but if you make it easy for them, then they may actually get into the habit.

If you rent your property, and your landlord doesn't want you putting hooks in the wall, or perhaps, there is very little closet space, or maybe you just prefer to have a hall storage bench near the back hall, then consider getting a hall tree and storage bench, so that there is a place for the coats to hang as well as a place for their stuff under the seat. Plus, as a added bonus, it actually looks good!

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