I'm hardly an expert on Halloween activities because I've hardly celebrate the holiday by wearing costumes. So, I'm going to share what some websites have to do say about celebrating the ghastly holiday. The common characters involved to have fun with are ghosts, goblins, and witches.

Ideas from fun.familyeducation.com

The webpage, fun.familyeducation.com/halloween/parties/54325.html, states to use Halloween colors, orange and black, to add festive colors on your furniture. If you carve out all the insides of a pumpkin to create a creepy image on the outer part of it, then you can place in a candle to create a jack-o'-lantern glow. The same webpage also explains some ways for you to change your home to a haunted one. One of them is changing your ordinary light bulbs with either colored ones or black lights. Have you thought about putting morbid displays and centerpieces such as dead flowers and dusty candelabras scatter around your house? For making spider webs, all you need to do is stretch out some cotton batting. As for placing fake critters on them, you could get some plastic creepy toys.

There are more ways for people to decorate their house for Halloween. Create frightening dummies and mummies by stuffing old clothes with any kind of paper. Perhaps it would be better to get a large piece of paper to wrap into a certain shape. You can stuff that one also with smaller papers. To make them appropriate for Halloween, you could top them off with scary masks and fake blood. For the outdoors, you could make a graveyard by having plywood tombstones stick on the ground and have it spray painted with the color silver. Have fun coming up with unique epitaphs to be place on the tombstones.

Ghost Decorations

If you want to be surrounded by ghost decorations, look for a packet of twelve Halloween party inflatable ghosts. They have brightly colored eyes and a huge grin. Thus, these are not really creepy to use if you were looking for such ghost decorations. How about buying ghost decorations to be placed outside. There are ghostly figures sold in a packet of three that are held in place by a stick protruding out of the ground vertically. Each ghost is only three feet high.

Candy Apples

For eating very tasty food on Halloween, how about creating candy apples? I provided a link to an article that has easy-to-read instructions. On the last part of the article, it lists some ways to make some variations from the original recipe. You can substitute brown sugar for white. Just remember to to cook the food at a slower pace. Brown corn syrup can be used to color the apples. I don't like this option: use spice or red hots to make it what else, spicy. I love candy. The article says gummy bears, candy corn, or Reese's Pieces can be use to give the final look a festive one.

Caramel Apples

It would make this article more riveting to include a link to an article that has two recipes for caramel apples. Why two? I'm guessing It's to have some variations. One recipe lets you finish some caramel apples an easy way, and the other one is actually for honey caramel apples. The latter must be careful to work with because of all the stickiness involved.

I was fortunate to find an article that will teach you how to make perfect caramel apples. Wow, perfect. It would be an awesome achievement to create food so perfect that they are all grabbed in ten minutes even if you make thousands of them.

Games for the Party Animal in You

I saw some great ideas from an article for games to play during a Halloween party. I will describe three, and you will need to click to see which three games I didn't mention. I was gonna to write about five, but I got lazy and I want write something that will include self-interest links so I can attempt to make some money. Excuse me for that.

Pumpkin Toss is having players toss beanbags into an illustration of a pumpkin with holes punctured representing two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. The object is to have the beanbags go through the holes. The one who has the most success would win a prize, if there is one.

Scavenger Hunt is very similar to hunting for Easter Eggs. Have your party goers divide into two teams to look for Halloween-related items around the outside of your house. If inclement weather comes along to your place, then you move the games if you don't mind people going around the house.

Mummy Wrap seems to be a fun game as long as you're not the one being wrapped around with toilet paper. Don't worry, it is meant to play with unused toilet paper. LOL 3x. I'm so gross. With this game, you divide players into small groups. The group winning will be the one finished wrapping up their victim. WARNING: This game should have a EMT standing by in case one person goes overboard with the wrapping and injures the supposedly mummified person. Ok, I'm serious now. I'm sure some people that gets wrap up don't like the idea. Instead of complaining about it, they just decide to go along with it so people could have fun. Thus, I suggest a consolation prize be awarded for the partly wrapped players.

Take Out Your Credit Card to Buy Costumes

One popular costume to buy for a kid is the Iron Man 2 Mark 6 Classic. There are three different sizes for this one. Small one is for kids age 4 to 6-years-old. Medium one is for kids age 7 to 8-years-old. Large one is for kids age 10 to 12-years-old. The dimensions for the small size are 42 x 18 x 2.5 inches; 9.6 ounces. It also currently doesn't have any customer reviews yet. Holy Toledo, there's a great deal going on as I write this article. If you purchase the costume along with Iron Man Mark VI Child Costume Gloves and Iron Man Electronic Repulsor Blaster, you will only pay $51.00 before taxes.

Another costume I'm going to promote here is called Unique Infant Baby Caterpillar Costume, 12 Months. The company, Brands on Sale, will be shipping and selling the item. The baby model is so adorable. Anyways, the costume fits babies that wear size 12M clothing. It was manufactured in China.I was just kiddingabout that. It is made with a soft high quality fabric. The headpiece is detachable, and the colorful back piece detaches with Velcro. The shipping weight for this costume is 6 lbs.

The Unique Infant Baby Caterpillar Costume, 12 Months has three reviews as of September 9, 2010. One person gave it 5 stars and basically content with the quality and look of the costume. Another reviewer gave the costume 5 stars, but WOW, zero out 3 people found that review helpful. The person stated it "is a great costume if you want to take pictures with your baby. The colors for the costume were wonderful, and they look great in pictures." Another person gave the costume 3 stars and stated, "her daughter was in 9M clothes, and bought her 12M costume. It was delivered quickly, but it could have fitted a two or a three-year-old." The buyer asked the seller to exchange the costume for another size, but her request was denied. Two out of 2 people found that review helpful. I just hope you will buy it at $50.00 before taxes.

Enjoy the Rest of the Current Year

Have fun celebrating creepy Halloween and/or Day of the Dead!! Get Ready for Thanksgiving. It comes in less than one month after October 31th.