Halloween cat costumes have been one of the most popular and attractive costumes for the darkest holiday event of the year. For most of the time, women are the ones who choose this costumes because they express fierce, charm and sexiness. Perhaps families now are thinking on what to wear for the upcoming Halloween.

Vampires make ups, pumpkin decorations and a little bit of dress up should always come along the way. Now, how one can create a simple yet endearing cat costume that would fit the holiday best? One doesn't have to completely purchase the whole feline attire because it can simply be made out of some materials.

Here's how.

  • Buy a hooded sweat suit on a thrift shop. Turn the top inside out to create a furry effect for the cat's skin. It is a wise idea to make it black and see that it blends with the season.
  • Cut two triangular ears from a black felt and sew it to the hood to make a perfect cat's ears. Trim another two pink smaller triangles and attach it to the bigger black ones to emphasize the part.
  • Attach an old black stocking to the end part of the sweat shirt to act as the tails. One can choose to make it short and vibrant or can be long and swishy. Whatever has to be chosen, it should always depend on the wearer's preferences.
  • Prepare two pairs of black socks to serve as the cat's limbs. Make some pink circular felts and attach it to the socks to act as the paws.
  • Put on the cat costume including the pair of socks for the feet. Wait for a while until the paws are attached to the socks so one won't be having a hard time fixing it.

It is also a wise idea to blend the cat costume with a perfect Halloween cat face paint. This would make your costume look more realistic. To make a mixture for cat face pain, prepare 1/2 cup of cold cream, 1/2 cup of water and different colours of food colouring. Mix cornstarch, cold cream and water along with enough drops of food colouring to emphasize the clarity of colours for the makeup. Stir it well and add more cornstarch if the mixture comes to be runny. Apply on the face especially making the whiskers vividly present for optimum effect.

Now act like a real 'meow' on being on a cat fashion because what makes you a real cat is the real attitude. Practice the poses and attitude that a real feline possess.

Because cats became so close to the habitual Halloween season, they will always make way to the themes for Halloween party. Follow these simple procedures for a Halloween cat costume and be the best cat woman on this year's Halloween season. One still has time to practice and prepare for the costume and right attitude and get absolutely in to this year's dark period.