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Cheap Halloween Contact Lenses

If you want to buy halloween contact lenses for cheap, check out this quick guide to the styles, prescriptions and retail outlets so you can be ready to scare the pants off everyone you see this halloween!

Halloween contact lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription varieties, depending upon whether you normally wear contacts to see or if you already have perfect vision but simply want to freak people out! Your best bet for buying cheap cosmetic contact lenses is to hop online and check out the top few sites that come up. While you can go to retail stores, you are simply not going to find the same variety available online.

What Kind of Halloween Contact Lenses are Available?

There are many different styles of special contact lenses and cosmetic lenses, such as special designs (pictured above), crazy patterns, odd shapes and striking colors. Typically speaking, specialty colored contacts are cheaper than specialty contact lenses that feature special effects like cat eye shapes, lizard scale lenses or demon eyes. This is because special effect contact lenses are more diffcult and time consuming to make, but these special contact lenses do make excellent halloween costume additions! There is no end to the creativity when you are looking for halloween contact lenses.

How Does One Order Special Halloween Contact Lenses?

If you need your contact lenses to include prescriptions, you need to have your eye doctor write you a prescription that includes your personal specifications. Then you can take your prescription and either upload or fax it when you want to order contacts online. If you do not need prescription contacts, the process will be much easier. Just choose which type of halloween contacts will best suit your costume and you are off to the races! You might want to choose special lens options like perforated lenses (which help with breathability and make wearing your lenses all night much more comfortable) or softer lenses. Keep in mind that if you choose soft contacts, you might be more comfortable (especially if you don't normally wear contacts) but your halloween contact lenses will also be far less durable. If you are only wearing them for one or two halloween parties a year, though, it won't be a big deal and you should err on the side of comfort.

Which Halloween Contacts will be Best for my Halloween Costume?

The fun part about buying halloween contacts is that you have lots of different options when it comes to developing your theme or matching your colored contact lenses to your halloween costume. If you are going to be a vampire, for example, look into red colored contacts. If you want to be a lizardman, you can opt for scaled contact lenses. Ghost costumes would do well to go with grey contacts or white contact lenses. These will create an otherworldly and decidedly spooky effect! There are even halloween contact lenses that feature special shapes like cat eyes which would pair well with several different kinds of costumes, especially catwoman costumes. Now go out there and find your best halloween contact lenses. Happy trick or treating!


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