After scouring around the internet for a few hours, I realized that there are not many Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women to choose from. One would think that with so many pregnancies occurring every year, there would be at least a few pregnant women costume ideas to choose from; however, most of the ones that I came across were simply rehashed versions of one main idea!

After reading through the costume descriptions, I decided to write my own article to depict a few Halloween costumes that pregnant women can wear! This article includes some of the costume ideas that I found online, as well as some ideas that I came up with myself.

If you’re a pregnant woman that wants to dress up for Halloween, this is the article for you!

Dress Up As A Basketball Star By Painting Your Belly To Look Like A Basketball

This was the costume idea that I found on the internet, and it was perfect for pregnant women that wanted to dress up for Halloween.  The idea is really simple, and you can manipulate it in any way that you want to.

-Throw on a basketball jersey of your choice. I would highly recommend wearing a shirt underneath it because Halloween, and the nights surrounding it, are usually cold! Make sure that the bottom of the basketball jersey is tight enough to lift above your pregnant belly!

-Find a pair of sports short. They don’t necessarily have to be basketball shorts; however, they should at least LOOK like basketball shorts!

-Get some orange and black paint face makeup, along with a small makeup brush. Paint your pregnant stomach to look like a basketball!

You need not worry about the makeup on your belly; the baby will not be affected. This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women that are sports fans or have husbands that are really into basketball! It is also one of the easiest homemade Halloween costumes to pull off for ladies that are about to have a baby!

Make People Laugh By Dressing Up As The Virgin Mary

Almost everyone knows the story of Virgin Mary being pregnant with Jesus before being married to Joseph. With that being said, a pregnant Virgin Mary is the perfect way to make people laugh on Halloween night. It is ironic but funny!

I would highly recommend creating a do-it-yourself Virgin Mary costume for Halloween because most of the costumes that you find in stores will not suit your pregnant belly!

In order to make your own, you must simply:

-Wear a white nightgown! You can choose to wear a loose nightgown and make it a Halloween costume that hides your pregnant stomach, or a tight nightgown to show it off! The choice is yours.

-Put on a medium blue cloak to go over the white nightgown that you’re wearing. The cloak should be wide enough to wrap around your body.

-Wear a medium blue scarf around your head.

A child-bearing Virgin Mary is one of the funniest Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women because it will make everyone around you think of the irony! The coolest thing about this homemade costume is that you will probably already have most of the pieces of clothing lying around in your closet!

Wear A Big Orange Shirt To look Like A Pumpkin On Halloween

Some people are against this costume because it is too simple; however, it is the perfect last minute costume for pregnant women to wear on Halloween.

All that you need to do is find a very large orange shirt. I would recommend checking with a neighbour or sibling if you don`t have one in your closet! Once you have the orange shirt, you can decide on what pants to wear.

I would not recommend wearing a pair of orange pants because it will throw off the look of the costume. If you want you and your future baby to look like a pumpkin for Halloween, I would suggest wearing a pair of black or brown pants!

Go To A Halloween Party Dressed Up As A Pregnant Nun

This costume, like the Virgin Mary one, has a lot of irony to it! However, it is EXTREMELY difficult to make a nun costume in the comfort of your own home, so you may be stuck having to buy one from a store or online. I would highly suggest taking a look at the nun costumes on Amazon...they usually have some great deals. Get one that is a size bigger so that it will comfortably fit your stomach!

Going out for Halloween when you are ready to bear a child can be a lot of fun! You will get a ton of compliments, and people will be extra careful when being around you. Use any of these Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women, and you will surely have a great time!