Dressing up your child for this Halloween can be much easier than it looks; this article features a ton of costume ideas for tweens that you can use!

First off, many people may be asking themselves: what is a tween? The truth of the matter is that tween is short for “in between”, and represents the ages that are in between being a child and being a teenager.

I would highly recommend that you read through this article well in advance of Halloween approaching, so that you can purchase these Halloween costumes for your tweens before they sell out!

Strawberry Shortcake Costume For Your Child

Strawberry Shortcake seems to be one of the most popular costume ideas for tweens oStrawberry Shortcake Costume For TweensCredit: Amazon.comf the twenty first century. Not only does it represent a cute retro character, but it also filled with feminine colors like pink and light green. This Strawberry Shortcake costume would be absolutely perfect for any child between the ages of 8 and 13; moreover, these are the ages that tweens fall in!

The only downside to having your child dress up as Strawberry Shortcake for this Halloween is that you will not be able to make the costume yourself using a variety of accessories. There are a handful of costumes that parents can make by combining various accessories; this is usually less pricey than buying a complete set. However, the colors and accessories that are featured in the Strawberry Shortcake Halloween costume are very unique, and cannot be found separately. This is one of the best costume ideas for tweens because it is easily recognizable, and very vibrant; however, you must be prepared to spend the extra money in order to buy the whole costume set.

Your Child Can Dress Up As An Indian Princess For Halloween

I am not sure if the Pocahontas Disney character influenced the popularity of this tween HalloweTween Halloween Costume-Indian PrincessCredit: Amazon.comen costume; however, the number of Indian princesses has significantly increased since the release o f the Pocahontas movie! Regardless of how it became popular, this Indian princess is one of the costume ideas for tweens that you should be considering for next Halloween.

Moccasins and Mukluk boots have been growing in popularity, and many tweens have placed them on their Christmas wish list; with that being said, executing Indian princess Halloween costume may be much easier than you think. You can choose to go with an “out of the box” complete costume set, or simply buy the brown dress and pair it with their pair of Indian-looking boots!

Regardless of the specific way that you choose to execute this, the Indian princess concept is one of the Halloween costume ideas for tweens that will be around for many years to come. With that being said, your child can re-use this costume in the future, or pass it on to a sibling or cousin!

Cleopatra-One Of The Cutest Costume Ideas For Tweens

I think that this specific Halloween costume appeals to a great amount of parents becCute Cleopatra Tween Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comause it provides them with some flexibility when it comes to the smaller accessories on the costume. You will quickly notice that this costume features a ton of accessories; a headband, necklaces, sandals, tights, and bracelets to name a few. The majority of the Cleopatra tween costumes will come with the dress, and the tights. You are probably thinking: what about the other accessories?

This is where your child’s creativity and design will allow their specific Cleopatra costume to stand out from the rest.

This is one of the most creative costume ideas for tweens because it allows the child and parents to nearly completely customize the entire costume. Costume jewellery is a really popular accessory for girls when they are in between children and teenagers; moreover, this costume jewellery can be used with the Indian princess costume!

Draculaura From Monster High

Monster High is a really popular series that many tweens love to watch; I don’t blame them, I’m an adult and really enjoy watching the show! There is nothing better than a child expresDraculaura Halloween Costume For TweensCredit: Amazon.comsing their love for certain movie or television characters through a Halloween costume. I say this because children are extremely enthusiastic and upbeat when they are dressed up in a costume of their favourite character.

I would deem Draculaura as one of the most vibrant costume ideas for tweens that parents will encounter. In addition, the purple streaks in the hair will allow all of the other children to recognize this Draculaura costume on Halloween.

Don’t Be Afraid To Execute Some Do-It-Yourself Costume Ideas For Tweens

Halloween costumes can sometimes be extremely expensive; the costumes that are branded by popular trademarks and companies can run you up a hefty dollar! As a parent in our current economic society, you will know that saving money on items is of utter importance. Going to the costume store and spending $80 on your tweens’ Halloween costume may not be the best thing to do.

One do-it-yourself tween costume idea that you can try is combining many related accessories. Head on over to the Hallowen costume store, and you will notice that the majority of the costume accessories are grouped by theme. You can combine many of the accessories within a specific theme with some clothes that you may already have in your wardrobe to make an inexpensive Halloween costume! Going the DIY route will expose some of the cheap costume ideas for tweens that will save you some money! In addition, many of the accessories may be used in the future with different costumes.

This is not the bible of tween costumes; however, it does contain some great ideas that can be executed by nearly anybody. Whether your child is dressing up for Halloween or a simple costume party, these costume ideas for tweens should be considered.

There are some costumes that can be easily recognized, and others that can save you a ton of money. I would definitely recommend choosing the costume that suits your specific needs, as well as your tweens’ specific interest/taste.