Every year on October 31st people celebrate Halloween. This is a great holiday where people get to dress up in Halloween costumes. Children go door to door trick or treating, while teens and adults go to costume parties as whatever person or character they want to be.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Creating a Halloween costume from scratch is a fun project. Using materials found around the house, or that can be purchased cheaply, to put together a great costume can give memories that a store bought costume lacks.

The only limit to homemade Halloween costumes is the imagination of the person creating it. This is a great idea for a costume of a lesser known object or person. Some things just cannot be found in a store, but if you want a rubber band ball Halloween costume, it can be made…somehow.

Halloween Costumes for Sale

Halloween Costumes are usually for sale at stores through the month of October. They can be purchased online at all times of the year. Most stores will carry a small selection of Halloween accessories and costumes. For the really unique and well made costume, a costume store can be the best way to go.

Costume stores are not available year round, except in larger cities. They tend to spring up before Halloween and vanish afterwards. These stores are highly seasonal and wouldn't get much business most of the year. Costume stores carry a wide selection of pre-made Halloween costumes that are better quality than the local department store.

Although Halloween is a pretty gender neutral holiday, many people tend to be attracted to costumes of a certain gender.

Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween costumes for women can be demure, sexy, or outrageous. Women's costumes come in a range of sizes from petite costumes to plus sized costumes. Whether a woman wants to be a Greek goddess or a favorite sci-fi character there is a costume out there that will work for her.

Some female Halloween costumes are based on current events. The popular actress of today or a character out of the news can all be the basis of a great costume. Normally Halloween costumes for women are costumes of women, or feminine objects. This makes it easy for the guy who wants to dress up as Alice in Wonderland…assuming he can find something that fits.

Halloween Costumes for Men

Although many men at one time or another will dress up as Dolly Parton for Halloween, most of the time they are going to go as a male character. Halloween costumes for men are normally Halloween costumes of men, tools, or other masculine objects.

Sci-fi movies or serial killer movies are good places to get ideas for male Halloween costumes. Those types of movies normally have male leads and Freddie Kruger will almost always be sold as a costume for a man.

Halloween Costumes for Children

Halloween costumes for children are smaller versions of the adult costumes. There are a few other differences though. The costumes may be slightly less graphic (although not by much), less sexy, and designed for safety.

The children are going to be running the streets in their costumes for several hours and safety is a key feature. If a mask is used the eyes, nose, and mouth should not be blocked. The costume should be easy to remove in an emergency and have no sharp edges.

Halloween Costumes for Babies

Babies are great to dress up. You can dress them up as anything and they won't complain (much). Halloween costumes for babies are generally animals. Cute fuzzy baby animals are the most common.

An infant Halloween costume should never have a mask. The face should be clear of all obstructions. If you need to give them a cute button nose, use a little make-up. Most of the baby Halloween costumes are loose fitting and have a hat.

Let your imagination run wild this Halloween.