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Halloween Costumes: Devil versus God?

If you are a professed Christian you already know that Halloween and buying Halloween costumes is participating in pagan festival of the dead. If you are not a Christian, you know that celebrating Halloween and buying Halloween costumes is a ploy to get your money. At least you should know that buy now.

Halloween Costumes

What makes a costume, Halloween costumes? The number of online retailers offering Halloween costumes is enormous. Have you noticed that there are also advertisements for sexy lingerie Halloween costumes? Why is this another Halloween costumes scam? Sexy lingerie has nothing to do with Halloween costumes. The basic idea is that retails are selling or rebranding their old costumes as Halloween costumes. That is part of the ploy to get the gullible to part with their hard earned cash.

Should you celebrate Halloween?

There are a lot of reasons why people celebrate Halloween. Some will see Halloween as just an excuse to buy Halloween costumes and other Halloween decorations. There are others who will celebrate Halloween because of the children. They don't want their children to feel left out. Many more will celebrate Halloween and buy Halloween costumes because their friends and families will be doing the same. Retailers celebrate Halloween because they know it will bring in customers and will improve sales of goods relating to Halloween and Halloween costumes. If you don't have any religious convictions and you will rather party with the dead or with anyone for that matter, you might want to celebrate Halloween and buy your Halloween costumes. On the other hand, what about professed Christians?

Halloween Costumes and Christianity

Why must you party with the devil by buying Halloween costumes and at the end of the year party with Jesus and buy another Christmas costumes? The answer to the question is easy. There is money to be made either in the name of the Devil or in the name of Jesus. The problem is that money has no religion. Halloween costumes will be sold and rebranded if there is money to be made.

Any true Christians should not celebrate Halloween nor should they buy Halloween costumes. True Christianity and Halloween celebration are mutually exclusive. That is to say, you are either a true Christian or you are not. You cannot have it both ways. What will God say about so called Christians celebrating Halloween and buying Halloween costumes? If you proclaim to serve the lord and you are dancing with his rival, how do you think he will feel? You will not be getting a nod of approval nor will you be getting a medal. You will obviously be making the devil happy by celebrating his party.

Halloween Costumes and frugal living

If you don't believe in Halloween, why should you celebrate the festival? Another reason why you should not celebrate Halloween and buy Halloween costumes is because you believe in frugal living. That means you spend your hard earned cash in a sensible manner. Why must you buy Halloween decorations and Halloween costumes just because they are labeled so? There are better things to do with your money than buying Halloween decorations and Halloween costumes