There are several types of Halloween costumes for boys that you can choose from. You can go for the classic scary outfits like ghosts and zombies or you can choose a super hero. Whatever you need you are sure to find a really good bargain.

Here are just a few examples of Halloween costumes for boys that are on offer from

ZombHalloween Costumes For Boys - Zombie costumeie Costume For Boys

If you are looking for a really scary looking fancy dress costume then this zombie outfit might be just the thing. There are several components that make up this costume so it is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

The costume consists of a pair of pants that have been designed with images of bones on different parts of the legs so that it looks like part of the skeleton is protruding through the clothes. There are also skeletal arms and a chest that shows through the shirt which has also been dyed and distressed to look even more ghostly and creepy.

Children will love the zombie mask with its big scary eyes and teeth. It also comes with stringy looking blue grey hair attached to it. Last but not least are the gloves. These have been fashioned to look like bony appendages so children can have fun scaring their family and friends.

Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Superman costume for boys

This is the perfect costume for any fan of the Superman films or the Superman comics. The costume has been designed so that your little boy will look just like the real superhero.

This outfit consists of a red and blue jumpsuit that has a built in chest to reflect the muscles that all real super heroes need order to fight off the baddies and defend the rights of the good people. The suit would not be complete without the famous yellow belt and the magnificent red flowing cap. All you need to do is to get some hair gel so that you can fashion a hairstyle similar to Superman with the all importaDemon of war child costument kiss curl and you will have the complete look.

Demon Of War Child Costume

If you are looking for a great demon costume for your son or daughter, this is a good example. This is a long black robe that has a big hood. There is also a face covering which is still gives good visibility but does look extra scary due to the bright red demon like eyes that protrude from it. The eyes are LED so are completely safe to use and do not generate any heat at all.

The finishing touches to this costume are the large curly horns that are attached to the hood. They are a pale grey and this extra part of the kit really sets the demon look.

If you really want to complete the set, you should consider purchasing the additional gloves and sword.

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