Pregnant during Halloween

There are many funny and clever costumes you can use while you are pregnant.  Some of them simply require the pregnant woman and others require both the mom and the dad.  There are even some costumes that can include the entire family to dress up.

One of the more clever ways to dress up while trick or treating is for the dad to dress up as a devil and the expecting mom to dress up as an angel.  The mom can where a sign  over her pregnant belly that says, "The devil made me do it".  This is a clever idea that I have seen more of lately.

Moms who live in the warmer states have painted their bellies for Halloween too while wearing a bikini top.  It would be cute to have a painted pumpkin on the belly.

Dressing up as a chef with a picture of an oven and a bun inside is super cute as well.  "Bun in the oven" is a popular saying that people use while pregnant.  This would be a fun reveal outfit as well letting people know you are pregnant.

If you have other kids, this is a super cute idea that I would definitely use if I was pregnant.  Dress up one of your kids as a jar of pickles and the other as a carton of ice cream.  To make the mom's costume simple, all she would need is a white shirt that says, "Mommy's favorite cravings" on them.  If you have more than two kids you can use other ideas such as olives, chocolate, etc.

Another idea is to get a baby doll and place it under the shirt.  Cut four holes in the shirt and have the baby's arms and legs sticking out.  Make sure the shirt is light colored and thin enough so you can slightly see the doll's face through the shirt.  Have a little Halloween basket on the arm of the baby and you and your baby can even go trick or treating as well.

There are even t-shirts that are very cute for expecting mothers.  One of the more popular ones is a mummy wrapped tummy with baby eyes peeking out.  This is comfortable for moms to wear and very cute as well.  They also have skeleton baby shirts and shirts that say "pumpkin smuggler on them.

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If you are thinking about joining a costume contest, there is a good chance that you will win with any of these costumes.  The costumes to choose from while you are pregnant is almost unlimited.  It is pretty amazing as to how many different choices there are.  Be creative this Halloween with your costume ideas!  It isn't often that you will be pregnant during this Holiday season.