As Halloween approaches, people start to think about what they are going to wear to the different Halloween parties and the like that they may have been invited to. Even adults have problems with costumes, and not all of us can afford to spend lots of money on the ones that they sell in stores. This is why it is important to know Halloween costumes you can make at home so you can save money.

There are many ways that you can create a quick and easy costume without having to completely empty out your wallet. All you have to do is search your closet and maybe do a bit of shopping in the thrift stores and you will be able to put together a costume for this Halloween without busting the bank.

A great simple and very variable idea is to do a costume of the opposite gender. This is easy to do since you probably have a lot of friends who could lend you clothes, or you could buy some at the thrift stores. All you need to do is choose some funky clothes from the opposite gender and you will be all set.

If you have a partner of the opposite gender, the two of you could even switch places for the night of Halloween. This would be a fun and interesting experience for the both of you for sure. Though, if you are different sizes you may need to borrow clothes from other people.

Another idea that you could easily work with is choosing a job to portray. You can pretend to be a lot of different people with careers which have distinctive costumes. For example, if you want to be a doctor or a scientist, you can use a laboratory coat. Just add in extra accessories and you'll be easily identified.

Striped clothes or a full orange suit would give off the vibes of a prisoner. You can also use camouflage clothes to pretend to be an army person. It all depends on what you have to work with, and you can easily create a look of a career.

People who play sports also have their own outfits that you can choose to emulate. If you have a jersey or a uniform that you used before, you can use it for Halloween. You can choose to emulate one of your favorite athletes for Halloween with your clothes.

There are many Halloween costumes you can make on your own you just have to be creative. Don't forget to have fun and to enjoy the party with your friends and laugh at each other's costumes.

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