Creative last minute Halloween costumes you can make at home

Many people look forward to Halloween and the chance of dressing up as their favourite fantasy characters or scary monsters.

If you want Halloween costumes that you can make at home and are looking for something a bit more elaborate than wrapping yourself in toilet paper and screaming that you are a mummy, but don't want to spend a lot of money on a costume you'll only use once, consider putting together one of the following creative last minute Halloween costumes.


Vampire Halloween costumes

Creative last minute halloween costumes you can make at homeCredit: © Klaus-Peter Adler - Fotolia.comDressing up as a vampire is an easy, affordable and fun choice for creative last minute Halloween costumes.

With the popularity of vampire shows such as True Blood or films such as Twilight, it is no longer necessary to dress in heavy period costumes to dress up as a vampire, these are great Halloween costumes in your closet.  If you wear black a  lot, you will find these are easy make it yourself Halloween costumes.  If you need to buy any black clothing, you will be sure to get wear out of it after All Hallows' Eve is over. 

Put together a fancy party outfit and accessorize with a comfortable set of vampire fangs and really pale makeup with dark shadows around your eyes. If you are a girl you may also want to up your makeup and use bright blood-red lipstick, even if you usually prefer a more natural look.

If you usually wear cosmetic contact lenses you may want to also look at vampire contact lenses to finish off your look, along with some cool sunglasses.


Take Inspiration From Hollywood

Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together QuicklyCredit: being a vampire is not your thing, take a look at everything film and TV has to offer in terms of fancy costume inspiration and you won't be disappointed.

You can use blue makeup, a blue tight t-shirt and white pants and become everybody's favourite Smurf. Girls have it even easier, blue tights, a blue body spray or long sleeved t-shirt, blue makeup and a white sundress will create the perfect Smurfette costume.

A similar setup can be used to create a Na'vi costume, along with yellow sclera contact lenses if you want to go the extra mile, but give yourself some time as they need to be made to order and have a relatively long adaptation period. Glee is another popular source of inspiration that allows you to use bits and pieces of your own wardrobe to imitate your favourite TV characters, or even a demanding cheerleading coach.

Guys can easily put together a cool Riddick costume with cargo pants, army boots and chronicles of Riddick mirror contact lenses.


Elves And Fantasy Creatures

Halloween costumes that you can make at homeIf you want something more traditional for Halloween you may want to consider using a wispy pale dress, hair extensions and pale makeup to imitate a Lord of the Rings High Elf, or even a faery.

You can find accessories to make your ears pointy or even glittery wings for cheap on most costume stores.

If you want to go for something scary, get a mask and put together a goblin or orc costume, using old rags that you could get from a second-hand store. A witch costume is relatively easy to put together using a dark or black dress, heavy makeup and a tall hat, black cat and broom optional.  

Halloween is one of the few times a year when people get a chance to wear fun costumes again and party.

If you don't have time to spend weeks sewing together a costume and ready-made outfits seem tacky (and expensive) you may want to use your imagination and make your own creative last minute Halloween costumes, use makeup and accessories to create your perfect Halloween costume in 2012 for cheap.