Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween Costumes for Couples (29854)

Dressing up in costume has been around since the time of the middle ages when people wore costumes to go door to door begging for food in return for prayers for the dead. The current day Halloween is celebrated by many countries and includes costumes, trick or treating for treats and sweets, celebrating the dead and supernatural as well as dressing up to look like someone we like or admire.

Halloween is a great time of the year for adults as well as children and is one of the most popular US holidays celebrated by many that enjoy dressing up in costume that would otherwise be odd or out of place. Halloween started this holiday's popularity in America in the 1950's with dressing up in costume for fun parties with friends and neighbors after Disney created a trick or treat cartoon, Ozzie and Harriet dressed up and Unicef marketed the occasion as a fundraising opportunity.

Halloween has grown in popularity even more these days with all sorts of costumes to choose from. If you want some ideas on Halloween costumes for couples, this article will help you to find the perfect costume for you and your sweetie with a wide variety of choices from silly and funny to sexy, scary, celebrity or serious couples.

Make a list of couple costumes you like and discuss it with your partner since you'll want something that you'll each enjoy being and wearing for the evening. Check out the latest news since some of the most popular costumes every year have to do with whoever or whatever is happening in the news or spotlight.

Funny Couple Halloween Costumes

If you'd like people to see the silly side of you and your partner, consider some of these Halloween costumes for couples ideas that can be purchased online at many stores with free shipping and usually a discount when buying the couple costumes.

Bacon and Eggs couple costume, salt and pepper couple costume, plug and socket couple costume, ketchup and mustard or tropical tourist couple costume.

Celebrity Couple Halloween Costumes

Look for some of the famous celebrity couples for your costume and accessorize the hair, makeup and jewelry to get the feel of walking in their shoes for a day.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie couple costume, Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara, Michael Jackson and Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, Beyonce and JayZ, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher or President and Michelle Obama costume. Find photos of these celebrities and easily transform the look with hair and makeup.

Classic Couple Halloween Costumes

If you've never dressed up for Halloween with your partner, try a few of the classic ideas such as Angel and Devil couple costume, Mr and Mrs Vampire, Adam and Eve couple costume, King and Queen, Priest and Nun, Hugh Heffner and a Bunny, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty, Batman and Batgirl, Confederate Soldier and Southern Belle, Napolean and Josephine, Robin Hood and Maid Miriam, Butler and French Maid, Witch and Cat, Skeleton and Vampire, Policeman and Prisoner, Doctor and Nurse, Cowboy and Cowgirl, Bart and Marge Simpson or Dorothy and the Tinman. Most of these adult Halloween costumes come complete with necessary accessories to make it easy to get the right look from hair to jewelry or props.

Halloween Costume Accessories

If you'd like to make your own Halloween couples costume to save money, many times old clothing can be purchased at a thrift shop or by using an old prom or other dress, suit and buy the accessories to complete the outfit. Double check the decorations and costumes or accessories you may already own to enhance what you have without spending much money. Many accessories are found online and can make the perfect costume come to life such as wigs, hats, hand held fans, swords, jewelry, shoe buckles, scarves and Halloween makeup.

Halloween costumes for couples should always center around comfort and safety since you'll probably either be walking or dancing if it's a party you're attending or you'll also need to consider a backup pair of shoes for each of you. Even if you're just staying home to pass out the treats for the other trick or treating children, it's fun to get dressed up in costume and you can save them for other costume parties during the year.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween; take pictures to have the memories long after the holiday is over!