Get Literary - Try These Couples Halloween Costumes, Which are Word Plays on Classic Titles in Literature

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This article isn’t a prized literary work of art, like Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms, but it offers ideas for Halloween costumes for couples that are word plays based on renowned works of literature.

Word Plays on Literature Make Fun and Inexpensive Halloween Costumes for Couples

The October afternoon was chilly and rainy as you hoisted your backpack, and made your way down the long, dim hall of the English Lit building. Suddenly, he darted out from a professor’s office and rammed into you. The two of you stared at each other through your respective wire rims, and it was magic … .

Costumes for Sale at the Halloween Shop on Amazon(64792)Credit: Amazon.comGraduation has come and gone. Now, the two of you are more into your MBAs than Fitzgerald, but neither of you will ever abandon your love of fine literature, or forget the fact that it brought the two of you together.

Halloween gives us a wonderful opportunity to indulge our alter ego, and infuse a little drama and magic into our everyday lives. For this All Hallows' Eve, try one of the following couples costumes that are word plays on literature. People love a good mystery, and your fellow Halloween party guests will be intrigued with these unique word plays.

Halloween Costume Word Plays On American Literature

Both of you need to dress in blue or blue-gray. Shirt, blouse, jeans, or even sweats, they’ll all do. Using white felt, cut the following letters out in the size of your choice:  “M” “O” “B” “Y” “D” “I” “C” “K.”

With a few quick, and simple, sewing stitches, which won’t damage your clothing, you can attach the letters to the top you’ve chosen for that night. Girls will wear the “M” “O” “B” “Y” letters, and have your guy wear the “D” “I” “C” “K” letters. For this first set of Halloween costume word plays, you’re “Moby,” and he’s “Dick,” as in Herman Melville’s revered, Moby Dick.

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Carry on the Halloween Costume Word Plays with Another American Standard

All you girls, deck out in purple, head to toe. Purchase a package of purple balloons. Blow them up, and tape them, with Scotch tape, to the front of your clothes.

Have your guy don all black. Using fire engine red colored cardboard, and an alphabet stencil, spell, in all caps, “ANGER.” Cut “ANGER” from the cardboard, and tape it to the front of his black shirt.

For this second set of Halloween costume word plays, you, girls, are the “Grapes,” and he’s the “Wrath,” as in that perennial high school and college must read, The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck.

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Halloween Word Plays on Russian Literature

Have your guy gear up in military battle fatigues. The choice of service branch, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, is his. Thrift stores would be an excellent place to find these.

Girls, think “flower power” and “hippies,” and plan accordingly. Bell-bottom pants, peasant blouses, and peace signs are all indicative of this era. At the Halloween party, flash everyone the peace sign.

In this third Halloween costume, based on word plays, he’s “War,” and you’re “Peace,” as in Count Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece, War and Peace.

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The Halloween Costume Word Plays Continue with Another Popular Russian Lit ... .

Crime and Punishment – Word Plays as a Couples Halloween CostumeCredit: Jeni10

Have him dress in the color orange; an orange sweat suit would be cool. Envision a prison jumpsuit. Before going into the Halloween party, have him place his hands behind him, and secure them in play handcuffs. Hold him by the upper arm, guiding him forward, as you both enter.

Comparison shop local costume shops for a black judge’s robe. Or, if you have a graduation gown, in black, this will work, too. This will be your uniform for the evening.

For this fourth Halloween costume literary word plays, he’s “Crime,” and you’re his “Punishment,” as in Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky’s pièce de résistance, Crime and Punishment.

P.S. --- Be kind to your man. Either feed him yourself, or you’ll have to unlock his handcuffs, long enough for him to feed himself!

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Halloween Costume Word Plays on French Literature

This one is a personal favorite.

Have your guy dig out his tux for the occasion. If he doesn’t own a tux, he can rent one from a costume shop or a bridal/formal boutique. To complete the persona, he’ll need to procure a white mask, preferably one that only covers half his face, don a long black cape, and wear black gloves. For some added interest, have him carry a small musical instrument in one hand – any instrument will do, as he’s a musical genius. And in his other hand, have him carry, to present to you, a long-stemmed red rose (thorns removed please), tied with a black ribbon.

Do you still have one of those long, frilly gowns from your prom days? Or, maybe, you have a closet full of those lacy bridesmaid dresses. You know, the one your BFF promised you’d be able to wear again and again! Not! If she ever asks, you can now honestly tell her you had the perfect occasion in which to wear that lovely dress again.

He’s the brilliant, but wounded, “Erik - Phantom of the Opera,” and you’re “Christine,” the only woman “Erik” ever loved. We all know Gaston Leroux’s heartbreaking tale of unrequited love, The Phantom of the Opera.

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Couples Halloween Costumes Word Plays - Summary

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These are just a few of the fun ways you can create Halloween costumes for couples based on word plays from works of literature. For some of you, you’ll like, and identify with, the above classics and their word plays. If these don’t do it for you, then think of some of your most treasured novels, classic or otherwise, and devise your own word plays for this Halloween.