Some people treat their dogs like a child.  Therefore, it would make perfect sense that the owner would but a Halloween costume for their pooch.  I think it is kind of cute to see the family pet all dressed up and going trick-or-treating with the entire family.  For this reason, I have decided to present to you my top five list of Halloween costumes for Spot, Rover, or Becky.

These top five are in no particular order.  I have just provided you with the information on the five that are very popular with pet owners at Halloween.  

Make sure when you take your little canine out to the neighborhood for some little Trick or Treating, that they only get pet snacks and not people snacks.  Some candy with certain ingredients are not good for dogs.  They cannot eat as much sugar as your kids can.  Notice how your children bounce off the walls.  Just imagine what the sugar can do to your pooch. 

Hot Diggity Dog Costume

During the summer months, your dog might get hot, but during this Halloween season, he can be a Hot Dog.  This costume comes with Ketchup or Mustard, depending on the flavor of your dog.  This costume will make your dog the envy of every pooch in the neighborhood.  And it Hot Diggity Dog CostumeCredit: make you the talk of the town.  This costume is adjustable using Velcro that goes underneath the stomach and over the back to hold the buns in place on either side of your pet.  This costume is just downright funny.  This particular costume is even funnier if your dog happens to be  Dauschand, otherwise known as the “weenie dog.”

Dinosaur Dogs

Dinosaurs are extinct, but you fierce little Sophie may be some laughs dressed as one of these great array of dinosaur costumes.  There are many to choose from. The three I feature here are the one’s brought to you by Animal Planet.  They know Dinosaurs and Dogs.   

There is the Triceratops, which is just the head display.  Of course the three horns of the TriceratopsCredit: are prominently displayed.  This costume has straps that come underneath the chin to hold it into place. Your "ferocious" Dinosaur Dog will look so cute wearing this head costume.  The horns are soft and safe, so no need to worry about them hurting you or themselves.  

The Raptor was one of the most feared dinosaurs on the planet, even though they were small in size.  These dinosaurs were known as the “fighting dinosaurs.”  Your pooch may not be a fighter but he or she will be cute asThe RaptorCredit: www, can be.  The costume will surely turn some heads as you go around your neighborhood.  Another piece of trivia, the Raptor dinosaur was only about the size of a medium sized dog.  This costume would be an actual size of a Raptor on a dog that came up to your knees.

The third costume I would like to feature under this category is the Stegosaurus Dog costume.  This one is my favorite.  StegosaurusCredit: or Ruff, you dog will get the attention anywhere you take them.  This is a full costume covering from head to butt, but not the tail.  The costume has the “blades”, known to the Stegosaurus lining its back.  This costume comes in different sizes, but review say it runs kind of small, so if you decided to dress your dog in this, you might want to go with one size bigger than you originally think. 

Animal Planet PET20105 Stegosaurus Dog Costume, Small
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(price as of Sep 11, 2013)

Star Wars Costumes

“Dress your dog like Yoda, you will.”  Star Wars is one of the greatest series of movies ever presented.  The Star Wars Franchise has made of $27 billion dollars since its inception according to statisticbrain.  Toys and other sales account for about half of this money.  The movies have grossed only about $4 billion at the box office, which is nothing to sneeze at.  However, you can tell by these numbers the marketing has been a great asset to this franchise. 

YodaCredit: www.amazonDarth VadarCredit: AT WalkerCredit: LeiaCredit:

When you dress your dog up in one of the costumes representing a character from the Star Wars enterprise, you will be helping Disney make more money.  They bought LucasFilms for about $4 billion in 2012.  They do plan an Episode VII in 2015.  You will be ahead of the hype when you purchase your Star Wars Costume.  That is really just a little information provided for trivia seekers.  However, these dog costumes are cute and you will get people to turn and Let the Force Be with them, when your pooch is wearing any of the costumes from the Epic Films.

Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume, Medium
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(price as of Sep 11, 2013)

Cops and Robbers

When I was a child, one of my favorite games that my friends and I loved to play was cops and robbers.  At times I would like to be the robber because you could do the bad stuff and get to try and be sneaky and not get caught.  I guess it prepared you to try and be sneaky with your parents.  At other times, I would like to be the cop, because you get to catch the criminals and then put them in jail.  I guess this was fun because you get to be on the good side of the law.   What little boy did not want to be a policeman at some time in his life?

Did you ever wonder what games your dogs play when they are running around and chasing each other?  Well, could it be Cops and Robbers.  One dog will always go up and nip at the other and then the chase was on.  This is kind of like what we did as kids when playing cops and robbers.  We could commit the crime and take off running.  Then we would be pursued by the Cop. 


With this is mind you could dress your dogs up to be Cops and Robbers in these sweet costumes.  I guess the robber is already caught because he is wearing the stripes of the prison uniform.  A risk you might take with this one is what if they one wearing the prison uniform is chasing after the one wearing the cop uniform.  I think either way it will get some great laughs for Trick or Treat Day.   

Police Dog X-Large Pet Costume
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(price as of Sep 11, 2013)

The Bumblebee

The last costume I would like to present to round out the Top 5 costumes for your dog is the Bumblebee.The BumblebeeCredit:

This costume is just hilarious, especially on bulldogs.  Roscoe the Dog will be the delight of the party or the group on Halloween, while sporting his wings.  He will be dapper in this great yellow and black bumblebee costume that also has wings along with the antennae.  The expressions of your neighbors will be worth the small cost of this costume.  They are so use to Poochie doing the "kangaroo stance" in their yard and leaving a “trick” for them, that they will surly give him a treat to stop it this time.  You could always tell them “just imagine how much poo he could do if he had wings and could fly?”  The treats will be aplenty. 

Paper Magic Group Zelda Bumblebee Pet Costume in 3 Sizes
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Although there are many more costumes to choose from for poochie to dress up in at Halloween, these are the top five categories.  As you can tell there are more than 5 in this top 5 to choose from.  This was because you should find the costume that fits the opposite personality of your dog.  We like to dress up as vampires, witches, and princesses, when these are really the antithesis of our real personalities, this makes for more humor of the Halloween season. The same holds true for the canine of the family.  He or she really is a part of your family and you should let them join in the fun.  The dog may not enjoy it, but the kids and neighbors will.  Who knows, you might even get yourself a costume and have some fun too.  

Take care of yourself and others.  Make today and everyday a great day.