Halloween Cruises - A Frightfully Fun Way to Celebrate All Hallows' Eve

Halloween Cruises are Spooky Fun on October 31!Credit: Jeni10

Halloween Cruises – All are Welcome Aboard – Zombies and Other Undead Included!

Welcome aboard, Igor – Halloween cruises are spook-tacular – I guarantee, you’re going to have a howling good time sailing with us!

Aside from veggie and flower gardening, two of my favorite things, in life, are cruising and All Hallows’ Eve. An odd combo, but it is what it is. Long before I discovered the joys of cruising, I eagerly anticipated, each fall, the arrival of October 31. Perhaps, this lifelong fascination has something to do with the fact that my birthday falls the day before, on October 30.

Whatever the reason, I thought it would be fun to combine these two passions, into one, and thus, my enthusiasm for Halloween cruises began. All Hallows’ Eve is fun. Cruising is fun. Put them together, for a blast of a holiday and cruising celebration.

Halloween cruises are exactly what they sound like:  a cruise that sails during October 31, and by virtue of that fact, encompasses All Hallows' Eve, and the celebration there of, into its plans.

Below, you’ll find my pros and cons on Halloween cruises. Hopefully, this article will help you decide if Halloween cruises are the right vacation for you.

Pros for Taking Halloween Cruises

Screaming Fun for Singles on Halloween Cruises

Are you and your girlfriends tired of the same old same old bar routine? Well, this year, grab your BFFs, plan to share a cabin (This will save money.), and book a cruise for All Hallows' Eve. When shopping for Halloween cruises, search for a ‘singles cruise'. And a cruise, sailing during October 31, will focus on All Hallows' Eve. Put the two concepts together, and you’re sure to have a boo-licious time.

While Halloween cruises center on celebrating this macabre night, it’s more involved than just your average October night spent in a bar. For starters, the cruise is going to cost much more, but you’ll get so much in return, in terms of all you can eat ‘to-die-fordelicious food, entertainment, and beautiful ports of call.

Given this cost, the type of single guys you’ll encounter, on Halloween cruises, are looking for more than just a ‘bar night'. In other words, they understand what's involved in cruising, and more times than not, they’ve booked the cruise with the express purpose, and hope, of meeting someone special.

Caution:  Despite the fact that most of the guys you’ll meet on singles Halloween cruises are, by and large, nice, beware of the lone bad apple in the bunch. Given the world political climate, passenger manifests are screened, with the intention of preventing a deadly terrorist act. But a terrorist screen does not equate with a jerk screen.

Be bubbly, outgoing, and have fun on singles Halloween cruises, but use caution and good sense when meeting new people. Girls, don’t put yourselves in compromising positions. If a particular situation doesn’t feel right, go with your gut instinct, and move away.

Creepy Fun for Couples on Halloween Cruises

In many respects, All Hallows' Eve has become a social and party oriented holiday, much like New Year’s Eve. If you’re part of a couple, who loves this spooky day, and loves to cruise, then you’ll enjoy Halloween cruises. But if you’re the part of the couple, who’s … ah, say … ho-hum about October 31, bear in mind that that night will only be one of several nights on the entire cruise. In other words, you’re giving your mate something she or he is crazy about, and you still have the whole of the rest of the cruise to indulge in some of your favorite activities.

On Halloween Cruises, Your Ship is Sure to be all Spooked out for a Frightful Night of FunCredit: Jeni10And if the both of you are ‘All Hallows' Eve-addicts,’ then a cruise ship is the best place for you to haunt the witching hour away. With Halloween cruises, there are no worries about drinking and driving and everything that comes with that. How will I get home? What happens to my car? Etc? On Halloween cruises, your only mission is finding an elevator to ride to the deck on which your cabin is located. No worries that the captain will hand you the keys to the ship!

 And unlike a regular All Hallows' Eve party, on Halloween cruises you don’t have to stress over how to rid yourself of that hangover, before your 8 a.m. breakfast appointment the next morning. Why? Because you’re on vacation!

Spook-tacular Savings on Halloween Cruises

Depending on which Coast you reside on, your best deals, for Halloween cruises, will be to the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera. Since it’s fall, in the Northern Hemisphere, typically cruising to places like Europe and Alaska have ended for the season. Any cruising itineraries to places like Hawaii or South America, which are both popular sailing destinations during the fall and winter, are going to be higher in cost and longer in duration. Not to mention on more exotic cruising voyages, like those, most cruise lines narrow their focus to provide their passengers with an immersion experience into the country and culture to which they are traveling.

Because a Caribbean cruise, or a Mexican Riviera cruise, tends to be more laid back, and party oriented, it’s a perfect match for Halloween cruises. And with this, you can find really good deals.

The fall season is prime time hurricane season for the Caribbean and the Atlantic. Therefore, if it’s been, or currently is, an active storm season, chances are good that you can find a killer last minute deal on Halloween cruises. Most people don’t want to take the chance of sailing in rough seas and possibly being seasick. But, if you have a stomach of iron, and an indomitable spirit to cruise, like yours truly, then this will be an excellent cruising opportunity for you to experience Halloween cruises.

Cons for Taking Halloween Cruises

From my perspective, cruise, and All Hallows' Eve fan that I am, there are no cons for me pertaining to taking Halloween cruises. I believe any would-be cruiser needs to understand that Halloween cruises are more than just one night of frightening good fun, as there is the entire cruise to consider, which could be three, four, five, or seven days. Make sure you really want to take a cruise, and not just go for the awesome parties held on October 31.

Costumes for Sale at Halloween Shop on Amazon – Perfect for Halloween CruisesCredit: Amazon.comA tip regarding Halloween cruises. Keep in mind, if you’re flying to your embarkation port, luggage requirements, and restrictions, with respect to packing your costume. Sure, you’ll want to bring an awesome costume. Just make sure that your snazzy do is a packable one, that’s airline friendly to carry.

So, what are you waiting for? Better hurry, now, and go scare up some fantastically frightful deals on Halloween cruises, and then select which ship you’d best like to haunt.

Before you get too excited, about sailing off into the sunset for Halloween cruises, don’t forget to service your broom, so you’re ready to fly to the port, to meet your ship.

Bon voyage, happy All Hallows' Eve, and see you on Halloween cruises.