halloween cupcake

Treats are the mainstay of any Halloween, but the Halloween cupcake can take center stage. If you like to bake, then you are going to love these Halloween cupcake ideas. They are simple, you don't need to be a great pastry chef, or artist. Just a few simple ingredients and you can decorate your table with these Halloween cupcakes.

Halloween Cupcake - Eyeball

These are really effective and with a few of these on a tray it can look eerie! With all those eyeballs staring at you!

You will need:

One cake mix (or your own cake mix from scratch) but I find for these Halloween cupcakes it is easier to use a mix and spend the time on the icing and decoration.

Life Saver gummies

Black jelly beans

tube of red frosting

white icing


Make your cupcakes as per normal, but slightly overfill the cupcakes so that the top is slightly rounded when they come out of the oven. After your Halloween cupcakes cool, then it is time for the fun part!

Ice your Halloween Cupcakes with white icing

Take your Life Saver gummy and stick the black jelly bean in the center, then place in the center of the Halloween cupcake and then take your red icing and draw thin lines from the center, this makes the top of the cupcake look like an blood shot eyeball

Place these are trays, and it makes an awesome sight. You can get your kids to help with these great Halloween cupcakes.

Halloween Cupcake - Spider Web

This one is quite easy but is also fast, and still makes a statement when they are all on a tray. Makes a great centerpiece for your Halloween party table.

You will need:

One cake mix (or your own)

black tube of icing

white icing

gummy spider or edible spider


Make your Halloween cupcakes as per normal and let cool. Then ice with the white icing. Now take your black icing and draw a spider web, you don't have to be perfect, you could even have it off to one side. Then take your gummy spider and place it on your spider web. Now place these all on a tray and have a few more gummy spiders on the tray for added decoration.

Halloween Cupcake - Ghost

You will need:

once cake mix

white icing

large marshmallows

black icing tube


Make your Halloween cupcakes, and then let them cool. Now ice with the white icing, and then place a marshmallow slightly off center in the cupcake, and then take your black icing tube and put dots for the eyes and mouth on the marshmallow.

This one is quick and easy, and you could get your kids to help with these cupcakes for Halloween. Cupcake decorations don't have to be all complicated, you could just color the icing if you wanted and still have a great effect.

Halloween cupcakes can be easier to serve than cake, and this gives you the opportunity to decorate each one individually. You could do all of the above for a great effect. Try having some cupcakes for Halloween this year and have a great time!