halloween decorating ideas

If you are trying to come up with some Halloween Decorating Ideas, and are short on time and money, then here are few ideas that won't hurt your wallet and are fun to make.

Halloween Decorating Ideas - Black Back Drop Wall

You could totally concentrate on one wall for your Halloween decorations. By opening up large black garbage bags and taping them together with black electrical tape or duct tape, you can cover a wall or hide a corner of the room with this "homemade plastic wall" now you can decorate this with hanging pompom spiders, bats and fake spider webs. This can be the focus of the room if you are having a party. You can have a serving table in front of this wall, for your snacks and don't forget to put some fake or homemade pompom spiders on the table too.

Pompom Spiders

To make pompom spiders, take 4 black pipe cleaners and lay them side by side then twist them in the middle to form 8 legs, then stick a black pompom in the center with some googly eyes. This makes a black pompom spider. Make a few of these and scatter them or have them hanging from fixtures.

Halloween Decorating Ideas - Stuffed Corpse

Find some old clothes and stuff them with newspaper or plastic bags, and then shape your body into a chair on the front porch with a hat on or a old Halloween Mask, or you can lay your body out on a coffee table or corner of the room in your party room.

Halloween Decorating Ideas - Tombstones

Gravestones are a great standby and can decorate your front yard or in your party room. Find some heavy duty cardboard and cut them out into tombstone shapes, then purchase some stone fleck spray to make them look authentic and like old stone. You could write dates on the stones, and place them around the room or out in the yard.

Halloween Decorating Ideas - Spiders and Bats

You can hang these from your chandeliers and have a fan going to make them move. Have them at different heights all around the room, or outside on the front porch for when trick or treaters show up. Nothing scarier than having a hanging spider looming around your head or creating shadows. If you hang them near your outside lights, this gives off a big shadow.

Halloween Decorating Ideas - Ghost

This is a great basic standby Halloween decoration, and easy to create if you are short on time. All you need is a large white sheet, and find the middle, then stuff it with plastic, tie it off and then perch it on a broom handle in your yard. The breeze will blow around the bottom of the sheet and in the evening hours this can look pretty scary.

Halloween Decorating Ideas - Low Lighting

You can make a lot of your decorations look very authentic by having low shadowy lighting. Switch out your light bulbs for colored bulbs or lower wattage. This will create shadows on the wall at a party or also on your front porch for trick or treaters.

Halloween Decorating Ideas - Dress up Yourself

Whether it is for a Halloween party or to serve treats at the door, dress up in something yourself to add to the spirit of the night. But also keep in the mind the age group of your neighbors. If your neighborhood consists of very young children, then keep the outside decorations pretty tame and your costume. You don't want to be giving the younger kids nightmares.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

A friend of mind had spent days creating the perfect front porch for the event, but it was so real and so authentic, kids only got half way up to the house and then turned and ran and so did the parents. She had things popping out all over the place, and with the mood lighting and fake fog, it was enough to scare away everyone. So, don't go too far if most of your guests are going to be very young children. Especially for the first hour. After that you could add more to your Halloween decorations as most of the young ones will have gone home by then.

You don't have to spend a fortune on Halloween decorations. You just need to get a little creative. If you can plan ahead for these Halloween decoration ideas, then this will make that night a bit easier. Maybe take a day and pick through your sheets or old clothes or save some newspaper for Halloween projects so that you are ready.

If this is for a Halloween party and you need to decorate the house, get the whole family involved, or let friends help, they may all have different ideas that will create the atmosphere you are looking for this Halloween. Also See Crafts For Halloween