Halloween decorations can add to the festivity of the season. Your decorating needs will vary. It all depends on if you are planning to are throw a party, hand out treats on beggars night, or just want to be festive with the season.

Let's start being festive with the season. Straw bales, pumpkins, corn stalks and maybe a scarecrow can adorn your porch. To make a scare crow, simply get some old clothes (shirt and pants) and fill with straw. Set up the bale of straw on your porch and "sit" the stuffed clothes on it. For the head, you can fill an old pillow case with straw and draw a face on it, or maybe use a pumpkin. Don't forget to add a hat. Use the corn stalks as a backdrop.

To move from festive to Halloween, carve out some Jack-O-Lanterns from you pumpkins, and set them up as part of the display.

Do you need to go further? then deck out your yard. Make it a graveyard. You can create tombstones from wood or Styrofoam. Paint the tombstones gray. Use black paint to letter in the names. If you are throwing a party, use the names of your guests on the tombstones.

Now about the lighting. You can change out the post light and porch lights with yellow bug lights. But better still, use a black light. Black lights can create an ethereal mood for trick-or-treaters or party guests coming to your door. It will also make some costumes really stand out and appear to glow in the dark.

For inside the house, there are all sorts of Halloween decoration possibilities, just keep with the theme. You can decorate with ghosts, skeletons, bats, spiders and more Jack-O-Lanterns.

Ghosts can be made from balloons and pillow cases. Blow up a balloon and stuff it in a pillow case. Tie off the pillow case below the balloon. Gather a little bit of pillow case above the balloon and wrap a string around it to hang your ghost from the ceiling. Another option is to make your ghosts out of paper mache.

Bats can be cut from black construction paper. Hang them from ceilings and ceiling fans. If you want, look for bats and Halloween accessories online.

Go to your local dollar store for other props. You can find plastic spiders to throw around your house, and maybe even get a skeleton or two.

Have fun creating Halloween decorations this year.