If you are having a party or going trick or treating for Halloween, then why not have some fun with Halloween face painting this year instead of masks? This is a great original costume idea, and then their sight is not restricted with a mask.

Skull Face Stencil

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If you don't think you can do it, then try some of these ideas. They are easy to do and you don't need a lot of talent, just a bit of patience! You can get face paints from most craft stores, and they come in all kinds of colors, and wash off with soap and water.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


This is a really good one to do. Basically you paint the whole face white, then some bright red on the lips. Use gray around the eyes and especially on the eye lids. For added "scare factor" you can paint fangs on either side outlined in gray and then filled in with white (so they stand out from the face) and then paint the tips of the fangs red. Wear a dark coat with a hood to cover the head, and this really stands out.

Pumpkin Face Painting Stencil

Halloween Face Painting Stencil - StencilEyes Pumpkin Jack-O
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You can do this two ways, either paint cute little pumpkins on either side of the face (cheeks) and decorate them, or paint the entire face orange to be a pumpkin. Make triangle shapes over the eyes and paint it black, and put some black on the lips and nose. You could then wear a straw hat to add to the costume fun.


You can do this two ways as well. Either paint cute little black bats on the cheeks or paint a bat shape across the entire face and fill in with black, keeping the background white. Add some bat eyes and some definition with shades of black and gray on the bat wings. You can make this as realistic or as simple as you want.

All of the above can be fun to incorporate into a Halloween costume. Face Painting is a great alternative to a mask, and you can throw the kids in the tub after to wash it off.



Using makeup to create your look is way more effective than a mask.  So if you love the zombie have rotten face look you can get kits as above that have instruction and all supplies needed to create this look.

If you want to get even more creative, just search out some Halloween shapes online and try to copy them into a face design. For younger kids, it can be easier to just paint a shape on the cheeks, rather than the whole face. But older kids usually like their whole face involved in face painting.

Why not get the kids to paint your face? Make sure you have all the supplies, and don't forget the paint brushes, in different sizes. The tinier paint brushes are great for fine lines.

You can get started early, by getting the kids to research ideas for face painting and costume ideas, so that you are not trying to do this last minute. You can draw the idea on paper first and then decide on the right colors. Getting everything ahead of time, is your first step to a successful face painting session.

Have fun with Halloween face painting this year! Also see Painting Pumpkins for some great ideas, and Halloween Costumes for Dogs, to take your best friend with you! If you are looking for funny Halloween Costume Ideas especially last minute