Halloween is a fantastic time of the year to dress up and try to look as scary as you can. With so many different Halloween fancy dress costumes to choose from you really are going to be spoilt for choice. The best place to buy fantastic Halloween outfits as got to be the Internet, the Internet is a shoppers paradise and there are lots and lots of Halloween bargains to be had. The secret to finding the perfect costumes is to shop around, its a wise move never to buy the first fancy dress costume that you see. If you do, what you will probably find is that you may regret it because you will quickly see an outfit that you think would look better on you.

But with so many different online companies selling lots of weird and wonderful Halloween outfits were do I start. Well a good starting place for quite a lot of online buyers is the huge online retailer Amazon. This website has hundred of fantastic different outfits to choose from, at a price that is going to suit everyone's budget. A good benefit with buying costumes from Amazon is the ability to read online customer reviews before you make your purchase. Lots of Halloween fancy dress costumes, can be quite poorly made and look nothing like the picture that is shown on the sales page. But, because you can read customer reviews you are more likely to buy an outfit that is going to look fantastic as well as being made to an high standard.

Amazon offer a 5 star rating system, so it would be a wise move to never buy an outfit that is getting a customer review rating below 3 stars. The only exception to this, is when the rating score is coming from just one or two different reviews. If this is the case, you need to use a little bit of common sense, and decide off the reviews and the sales page whether or not it is a costume that is worth buying.

Like I mentioned earlier Amazon, sell hundreds of different Halloween fancy dress costumes, so let's take a quick look at just four costumes that are listed on the website at the time of writing this article.

Halloween Party outfitThe first Halloween costume that we are going to look at is the Michael Jackson Thriller Costume. This fantastic outfit is available to buy in two different adult sizes, which are medium fits 38 to 40 inches jacket, trousers 32 to 34 inches and large fits 42 to 44 inches jacket, trousers 36 to 38 inches. This outfit looks great, and what better pay to pay tribute to the king of pop with this 80s officially licensed thriller outfit. Everyone no matter what age, as seen the Michael Jackson thriller video and there no mistaking that Michael's red thriller outfit looks fantastic. When you buy this Halloween costume, when will get the red wet look trousers and the jacket that has a black trim. The outfit does not come with the wig, glasses, glove, shoes and socks, so if you really want to complete the thriller look you will need to buy these separately.

Halloween Fancy Dress OutfitsThe second Halloween costume on our list is the Friday The 13th Halloween outfit. Every horror fan has heard of Jason Voorhees, if you haven't he's the maniac that has gone on many killing sprees around camp crystal lake. This outfit includes the hockey jersey which has the words Voorhees and the number 13 printed on the back of the jersey. You will also get the eva hockey mask to complete the look. This costume is made from 100% polyester and is the official Friday the 13th licensed costume. Beware of cheaper imitations, which are poorly made and look terrible.

Halloween Fancy Dress CostumesThe third Halloween costume is the Feisty Feline Black Cat Sexy Halloween Costume. Here's one for the ladies, this stunning cat women suit includes the stretch wet look spandex cat suit, the cat ears and cat tail. This outfit is going to makes you look stunning and is going to make the perfect Halloween costume for any Halloween party. This is an outfit that is going to get you lots and lots of attention. This outfit is not only very popular for Halloween. But is is also the perfect costume for people who are into costume role play and cosplay. To keep the outfit looking better for longer, it is advisable that you hand wash the outfit using cold water and hang it up a lie to dry when finished.

Halloween Party CostumeThe fourth and final Halloween costume is the Adult Massive Mobster Costume. At the time of writing this article this outfit is very popular on amazon and get a customer review rating score of 4 stars, which means its a costume that is worth taking a closer look at. This wonderful outfit is available to buy in two different sizes, which are large 42 to 44 inches and extra large 44 to 46 inches. When you buy the outfit, you will receive the jacket with attached tie, the inflatable should pads, the gangster mask and the pants. Costing just 50 dollars this is a great Halloween fancy dress costume at a great price.

These are just four of the different costumes that amazon have for sale there are many more, the secret to getting the right outfit for you is to look around. With so many different outfits the hardest decision is going to be choosing one because each one looks fantastic. Halloween is big business, speak to family and friends who may have worn a certain costume. Like I mentioned earlier just because an outfit looks fantastic on the picture doesn't mean that it is going to look good on you. Buying online is by far the cheapest option, but if you really want to be 100% certain about an outfit, then hiring out a Halloween fancy dress outfit may be the best option for you. This is because you can get to try on all the different outfits before you buy. The only downside to hiring is the price and the fact that you will need to return the outfit once you have finished wearing it. Which can turn into more expense if you are to damage the outfit, which when you take into account the amount of alcohol that you are likely to drink at an Halloween party. It can quite easily happen, this is why buying Halloween costumes is fast becoming the most popular way of doing it.