Special Note:

These puppets use the basic body puppet as their base. You will need the basic body directions to complete these puppets. 






Googly eyes

Hot glue and glue sticks

Colored permanent markers

Making the Puppets


A witch is very easy to make. Make the basic body using black felt as the clothing base. Glue white yarn to the head for hair. Cut a 2 by 2 inch square from black felt. Roll the square into a cone shape and glue in place. Cut off the bottom at a 45 degree angle so that the hat can fit on the witch’s head. Glue the hat in place. Cut out a tiny cauldron from black felt and glue it to one of the witch’s hands. Give the witch googly eyes and a large, ugly nose and mouth using permanent markers.



The common appearance given to the devil is red. Make the entire body from red felt, including the head and hands.  Cut two small pointed horns from brown felt and glue to the top of the head. Cut a pitchfork from gray felt and glue it to one of the devil’s hands. Draw an angry face onto the devil with permanent marker.



Give the ghost a basic body made completely from white felt. Draw two large eyes and an open mouth onto the ghost face with black marker. Cut several small strips of felt from gray felt. Roll each strip into a circle and glue. Glue the strips together to make chains. Glue one side of the chain to each of the ghost’s hands.


Zombie or Frankenstein

Zombies are not necessarily a traditional subject for Halloween, but they fit right in with the fantasy theme. Make the basic body from brown felt, using green felt for the hands and face. Glue two googly eyes to the face. Glue brown or black yarn to the back of the head for hair. Add a crooked line for a mouth. Draw cuts, sores and tears onto the zombie with the markers. If you want to make the zombie Frankenstein, cut out two nail shapes from gray felt and glue to either side of the zombie’s head.



Make the basic body from tan felt. Cut several ¼-inch wide strips from white felt. Wrap the strips randomly around the mummy’s body, head and arms and glue in place. Leave a small opening on the face for two googly eyes and a scary mouth.