If you are looking for a weekend getaway and some thing fun to do, might I suggest Kings Island near Cincinnati, Ohio. Yes, Kings Island is well known for their roller coaster and kids attractions. But at night during the halloween Holiday Kings Isalnd turns into a Haunted Theme park.

At night just as the sun goes down things begin to transform. Mysterious sounds begin playing over the intercom and a thick fog begins to roll in. And that fog is very thick! Within the fog scary characters are starting to come to life! Near the entrance of the park ins a seven foot horned demon wiht a cape and glowing eyes. Near the the ampetheater is a mechanical and mind you very realistic alien that has escaped and is looking for you! On the other side of the park is a hideous looking jack in the box with a very scary clown face.

In the thick of the fog the park employees must be very quick and thorough because we began to see things around the park that were not there before! Skeletons, bodies and scary things began to appear in the landscape. Signs for the attractions also became visible.

There were lots of attractions for the Halloween Haunt. Lines began to form quick. The attraction we went through was called Cemetary Drive. At the beginning of the Cemetary there was a wrecked car and some skeletons. Inside there were lots of characters waiting to scare you! This attraction was full of fog as you walked through. I admit at the end one of the vampire characters did get me on the way out. he snorted in my ear and I think I jumped three feet off the ground!

There were other attractions as well. Club Blood was full of exotic dancers who are after blood.. particuarly yours. There was also Massacre Manor and Slaughter House. Choose what you think you can handle! These attractions are fairly realistic! A new attraction I see this year is the Wolf Pack. I would have liked to have seen it!

Some tips if you decide to brave the Haunt this year. Dres comfortable beacuse there will be lines. In fact I don't see how anyone can get through all the attractions in one night because the lines are so long. And Dress warm! It got very cold during the night !

Overall I really liked this experience! The rides in combination wiht the attractions were excellent. It is a perfect weekend get away. We were lucky enough last year to call the Ohio chamber of Commerce and get a package deal with the Renessance festival.