Halloween Images

Using “silhouette style” decorations on walls are extremely popular these days, and creating them in Halloween images is a great idea for this season! They’re extremely easy to create and you can pull off any of the following ideas with some construction paper, glue, scissors, and creativity! Remember to put your own spin on things and think up some of your own Halloween images, as well!

Black Cats

Cats are one of the most classic Halloween images, especially in that famous black hue! For this one, you’ll simply need to outline cat silhouettes on black construction paper and start cutting. Make the hair on their backs stand up, and make some with open, hissing mouths. Really get creative with them. You can make some sitting up, some laying down, some walking, etc… If you want to spice them up a bit, cut some small, yellow or green eyes out of construction paper. Adding these will instantly give these classic Halloween images a “spooky” feel.


Rats are probably some of the easiest Halloween images to create. A lumpy little body and a long, skinny tail are about all you’ll need. You can make the fur appear to be a little on the “scruffy” side by making some random slices on the top of the body and bending the paper a bit. If you want these creepy Halloween images to have a little bit more of a “playful” look, you can turn them into mice by adding some rounded ears to the tops of their bodies. You can use either black or brown construction paper, but making a few of each color will certainly add some variety.


Silhouette Halloween images that have cut outs in them can look really cool on walls. Jack-O-Lanterns are the perfect way to create this look. Whether you create them on traditional orange paper, classy black paper, or a number of bright hues – you can create an interesting and fun collage in your home. Simply cut out “pumpkin shapes” from sheets of construction paper (don’t forget the stems!). From there, you can use either a razor blade or a pair of scissors to cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth from the pumpkins. A razor blade will allow for the paper to not be bent and more detailed results. Don’t forget, Halloween images can be greatly enhanced with attention to detail!


A flurry of Halloween images on your wall makes for a fun and spooky decoration in any room. If you’ve got a hallway, a trail of spooky bats cascading down it can create a great effect. Bats are super easy to create on black construction paper, as well. Simply draw a circle sitting on top of an oval for the head and the body. Out from the body, draw an arch and connect it back into the body with three smaller arches to create a wing. Repeat on the other side. If you’d like to add some extra spunk to these Halloween images, attach some “googly eyes” for fun. You can pick these up from any craft store very inexpensively.

Bubbling Cauldron

If you’re looking for larger Halloween images to create one big silhouette on your wall, a bubbling cauldron is a great idea. For this one, you will need something larger than construction paper – so a piece of black poster board and a piece of green poster board should do the job. Cut the cauldron out of the black poster board to create the bulk of the image. Try to use most of the sheet. Then, using your cauldron to judge size, create a layer of “bubbles” out of the green paper to layer behind the pot. You can then cut out a series of circles to act as “bubbles” and make them float above the pot. If you’d like, you could have some dripping down the side, as well.


This next idea will let you create Halloween images from a bunch of smaller images. Start by cutting out a skull shape from construction paper. If you have darker colored walls, doing this with white construction paper could create a cool effect. For white walls-make your skeletons unique and colorful! After you’ve got your skulls, cut out a series of bones, ribs, hands, and feet. You can arrange them however you’d like to make these Halloween images extra fun. Make your skeletons dancing, sleeping, jogging, falling down, or jumping in the air! Let your creative juices flow and get creative with this one!


Ghosts are probably one of the simpler of the Halloween images to create, so even if you don’t have any artistic skills – this one will be very easy to pull off. The key to creating good Halloween images is to be creative, so when you’re drawing the outlines of your ghosts – don’t make them all the same! Some can be short; some can be tall, some fat, and some skinny. There is no right or wrong! Then, much like the pumpkins, you can use a razor blade to slice out two round eyes and a howling, round mouth. Whether you choose to go with traditional white, spooky black or a funky color like green – creating a miniature army of ghosts on your wall can be a lot of fun!


If you don’t have arachnophobia, one of the creepiest assemblies of Halloween images you can put together is a gathering of creepy crawly spiders. Spiders, like many of the other Halloween images listed in this article, are very easy to outline – but you’ll need to be sure to be extra careful when cutting out those skinny legs. Make them in varying shapes and sizes and create quite a few. You can make them climbing up a wall, cascading down the stairwell, or emerging from a doorway. Either way, guests will definitely be giving these a second glance when seeing them for the first time!

So if you’re looking for a fun and unique decoration solution for this Halloween, try creating some of these spooky silhouettes for your home. They’re very inexpensive and since this look is very “in” right now, you’ll definitely be sure to get some compliments. Halloween images on your walls are sure to be the talk of your Halloween party – so get cutting!