Using Halloween inflatable outdoor decorations is a great way to add “the gloomy scary look” instantly to your yard.

Inflatable yard decorations have become very popular lately, simply because they are easy to setup, look very authentic and are much easier to store than the solid plastic versions after the holidays. 

They come in many sizes, everything from a simple blown up pumpkin to an elaborate scene such as the one shown here.

You can create an entire scene in minutes with these self-inflating decorations.  There is no need to search the basement or garage for that bicycle pump, or use your own lungs,  these simply inflate on their own.  They are also easy to deflate, and then as long as you make sure they are clean and dry, you can store them away for another season.

They are created from very tough vinyl fabrics and you can get them for other seasons as well, but this Halloween instant scene of a scary Halloween graveyard just shows you have realistic they have become.

You can be decorated in no time with these additions.  Set the mood for your front porch with dim lighting and maybe some Halloween music, and then set this up and pull the tab and it will inflate instantly.  You may need to tie it down if there is a lot of wind, but having it move or sway a bit adds to the mood of the night.  The colours are vivid and realistic enough to scare any little goblin.

These kits include the stakes (to tie it down) tether and the fan to keep it inHalloween Inflatable Outdoorflated.  As long as you make sure it is dry when you take it down it will last for many seasons.

You can get Halloween inflatable outdoor decorations in many different shapes and sizes, such as black cats, pumpkins and entire scenes such as this graveyard scene complete with blown up tree, grave stones and skulls that will totally add realism to the night.

8ft Airblown Inflatable Halloween Graveyard

If you are not big on decorations, or are looking for something more instant that is easy to setup and take down, then you may want to consider Halloween inflatable outdoor decorations instead of creating your own scene from scratch. 

There are many to choose from so the chances of your neighbours having the same one are slim.  They are instant and don’t require much time to put up, and depending on the style of Halloween inflatable you get, you can get them very large, some over 8 feet tall that inflate instantly.

These can make a great authentic addition to your own Halloween décor, and although many put them up days ahead of time, they can be very effective if put out on the actual night when they are least expected.

You can get Scary Halloween yard stuff and decorations at many department stores, and of course you can create your own scary setup or scenery if you are creative, but if you want something other than the simple pumpkin bags on the lawn or the ghost bags hanging from the trees, then consider getting a large Halloween inflatable outdoor statue or scenery.  Something that will loom over your guests as they make their way to your front door! 

You can get some of these at local department stores, but you can get a larger assortment of large inflatables online at such sites as Amazon.

Have fun this Halloween, by checking out the latest in decorations and scare your little goblins and they will remember your house!