Halloween inflatable outdoor decorations that you place on your lawn are very popular for the season; in fact there has been an increase of Halloween decorations in general.  Halloween inflatables, plastic décor and lights are all part of the spooky fun season celebrated in October.

It almost seems like Halloween is overtaking Christmas for outdoor decorating even though it is only celebrated on the one day of October 31st.  You can see the abundance of Halloween decorations as you drive around town at Halloween time.

Regarding Halloween inflatable outdoor decorations, you may see a giant pumpkin, a witch or even a ghost. They come in all kinds of different characters and sizes. I know I have even seen lawns filled with Halloween inflatables. What a fun way to decorate for the spooky time! Kids especially love Halloween inflatable outdoor decorations.

Inflatable Halloween decorations come in a range of sizes depending on what you are looking for. Some of them are giant sized and look really impressive when included in your Halloween decorations. Funtime and Gemmy Halloween inflatables are the best know brands of blowup decorations for Halloween.

What to Look For In Outdoor Halloween Inflatables

  • Quality of the inflatable material is very important. Nothing is worse than getting a leak in the seam of your Halloween inflatable so the air leaks out and causes your inflatable to deflate.
  • Make sure the inflatable is easy to inflate and deflate.  You don’t want to spend a lot of time each day inflating your decorations. The quicker the better.
  • Keep in mind how you will store the inflatables. Make sure they deflate so they can be stored easily and in the space you have for storage.
  • Many inflatables are lit up which of course look better at night when they are all aglow in spooky fun. If you want lighted inflatable make sure that it has that option.
  • Check if the inflatable is powered by battery or electricity. It is much more convenient to have your Halloween airborn inflatables powered by an electrical source.
  • Check the height and width of the inflatable. You want to make sure the inflatable will fit in the space you are putting it.
  • Be sure tethers come with it so your air blown Halloween inflatable is secured in its position.
  • Double check that instructions are included so you can easily set up your Halloween inflatable Outdoor decorations.

Most Popular Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Decorations

Of course the theme of Halloween is scary or spooky Halloween décor.  The favorite choice of many is to decorate with a Halloween inflatable that falls within that traditional category but there are many unusual or unique Halloween inflatables available.

One popular choice is the spooky Halloween Vampire or Dracula blowup inflatable that stands about 12 foot tall. The vampire is caped and stands tall with his arms out in an attacking position.

How about a giant inflatable skull for your yard? It comes with glowing eyes and stands about six feet tall. Its jaw and eyes move and it is sure to be a scary hit in your neighborhood.

One of the more unique Halloween Inflatables I’ve seen is a Grim Reaper Horse and Pumpkin carriage. It is about 9 feet long and 6 feet high and plays eerie music that will give your Halloween decorations a spooky sounding atmosphere.

Some other ideas for Halloween inflatables are a ghost jumping out of a pumpkin, an inflatable spider, a giant monster or one great idea for parties is an inflatable pumpkin patch cooler where you can store your beverages.

Shopping For Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Decorations

One of the best reasons to shop online is because you have a huge selection of Halloween inflatable yard decorations and you don't have to leave the comfort of your own house. Both Ebay and Amazon sell many of the best Halloween inflatable outdoor decorations and you can often find a great deal.

If you prefer to shop in a brick and mortar store there are many Halloween stores in your local neighborhood that sell Halloween inflatable outdoor decorations. Also you can find some in the major department stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart or Sam’s Club. If you want to find a really great deal shop for inflatables in the Halloween clearance section after Halloween is over. Put it away and save it for next year’s Halloween decorating.

Make sure you take good care of your Halloween inflatable outdoor decorations.  Every year keep all the accessories together and store them away safely. You can use them each year at Halloween time to have an awesome display of outdoor Halloween decorations that your family, neighbors and friends will be able to enjoy year after year.