Top Halloween Inflatables for 2018

Halloween inflatable outdoor yard decorations come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. In some neighborhoods, decorating the outside of your home for Halloween is just a precursor to Christmas. While it was rare to see a singular inflatable pumpkin just a few years ago, now many people have an entire lawn display full of Halloween characters.


Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Yard Decorations and Lights

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Over the years, the kinds of Halloween outdoor inflatable has grown from giant pumpkins to an entire line giant holiday symbols. Ghosts, witches, skeletons, headless horsemen and other outdoor inflatable decorations for Halloween appear in neighborhood yards right before the end of September. Almost overnight, lawns are landscaped with this whimsical or scary décor.

No matter what size lawn you have, there is a Halloween inflatable that will fit. They come in an assortment of sizes, from four feet to eight feet to ones that stretch across your entire lawn. There are even small ones that will sit upon your mailbox.


Fortnite 17.5 Ft Battle Bus Inflatable

The cost of holiday inflatables has come down in price since they first appeared. You no longer have to buy your Halloween inflatable on clearance and save them for next year in order to have a few of your own. Because there are many different sizes from which to choose, you can buy them for significantly less than in the past.



Airblown Inflatables Animated Whimsy Pumpkin Stack Inflatable


This Halloween Inflatable and Many More

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You can’t help but notice these eight foot Halloween inflatable on your neighbors’ lawn. Not only are the big, but many of these Halloween inflatables move and light up when you turn them on. These are sure to give trick or treaters delight…or a fright!

Halloween inflatable yard decorations are generally easy to assemble. They inflate within seconds and come with their own tethers, stakes and fans. When the season is over, simply deflate and store in a cool, dry place for next year.

You can pick a theme for your lawn display. Create a whimsical lawn display with candy corn, pumpkins and an inflatable Halloween train. Young children will not be afraid to come to your door, even in the dark.


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If you want to dare and scare the children who come to your door for a treat, then you have a tough decision…how many Halloween lawn decorations can fit in your yard? If you want to make a graveyard, you can do that with inflatable skeletons, tombstones, headless horseman and carriages, and the Grim Reaper. 


Set of three different Halloween String Lights

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If you do not wish to turn your yard into a home for the dead, but still want it to be decorated, you have a selection of fun lawn décor that will fit the Halloween theme. Friendly ghosts, witches, jack o’lanterns, spooky trees and haunted houses won’t scare young children, but will show your holiday spirit.

9 Foot Halloween Inflatable

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Halloween inflatable outdoor yard decoration  make decorating for the holiday fun!