Outdoor Halloween Lights and Decorations

Everyone likes to do their Halloween decorating differently. For some, the best thing about Halloween is the leaves turning colors because it is fall again and Christmas is around the corner. But, for others it is the sheer fun of decorating and the joy of seeing other people's face light up when they see your Halloween decorations, whether they are inside your home or outside in the yard. Although there are many choices for Halloween decor, you should choose some Halloween light decorations. There are several types of Halloween lights and lighted decorations for the home and yard or outdoor area.

Types of Halloween Light Decorations

Whether you are looking for Halloween lights or for lighted Halloween decorations there is something for you. Some prefer inside Halloween decor over yard decorations and lights are the perfect solution for both types of decorators. The following are Halloween lights for inside the home as well as outdoor. If you want to just use Halloween lights and lighted decorations or if you want to combine lights with Halloween inflatables and animatronics, there are plenty of decor choices.

Halloween Lights: LED Lights and Orange Lights

There are a couple of different lights and lighted decorations that fall into the outdoor type of lights and decorations. One of these is the simple orange Halloween lights. If you decide to use the orange Halloween lights as decorations you can mimic Christmas by hanging them up around the outside of the house, porch, trees, garage, and/or the fence around the yard. Depending on what other outside Halloween decorations you have up you may want to add more to them by using the orange LED Halloween lights. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a type of light that has become more popular over the past several years. By choosing to decorate for Halloween with LED lights you will be using the preferred light source over the incandescent lights. Halloween LED lights use less energy, have a longer lifetime, and they are brighter, smaller, faster, with greater reliability. The LED lights for Halloween come in plenty of colors for decorating. You can also use LED Halloween lights to light up your carved pumpkin.

For decorating inside the home a popular piece of light decor are black lights. Black lights as Halloween decorations give everything a different, spooky, or haunted look. Whether you are using Halloween black lights as your party lights or to light up some decorations, give the black LED lights a try. Using black lights for a kids Halloween party is a good idea, too.

Solar Powered Halloween Lights and Lighted Decorations

If you want great Halloween lights and lighted decorations for the home and outside around the yard then choose solar powered lights. Many use solar powered lights already in their home or garden, but now you can use them around the yard during both Halloween and Christmas for holiday decorating. For Halloween, there are many types of solar powered lights and lighted decorations to choose from, including solar pumpkins, solar tombstones, solar witches and ghosts, as well as monsters, gargoyles, grave markers, and simple solar Halloween sting lights to put around the house, fence, or garage. The solar powered lights for Halloween are off during the day gathering sun, which is their power source, and then once it starts getting dark outside the will light up. These are excellent in terms of safety. One problem that occurs each year during holiday light season is fire safety. However, if your Halloween lights and lighted decorations for home and yard are solar powered then you do not need to worry. They are much safer and environmentally better as well since they only consume natural energy from the sun instead of running your bill up.

Lighted Halloween Props

Some Halloween decorators also like to use lighted decorations. The outdoor light up Halloween decorations or lighted decor can be used inside the home. Martha Stewart Halloween decor and props is a popular line this year. One example is the Martha Stewart Glowing Skeleton Arm, but there are many more lighted Halloween decorations by her and other designers. You can use lighted Halloween props as table decorations, especially if you are shopping for Halloween party decor. There are lighted window decorations like skulls, pumpkins, skeletons, and many other fun, spooky, or scary choices. Another cool thing you can do with your lighted Halloween decorations and props is to set them on timers. They can be set on motion sensors so that they scare trick-or-treaters or your Halloween party guests. Or you can set your Halloween decorations on a timer so they go on at certain times, run for increments of time, and then shut off, or they just come on at 7p.m.

Final Halloween Decor Tips

Using Halloween lights and lighted decorations for the home and yard are great choices for decor, whether you are simply decorating or throwing a Halloween party. Remember to use caution not to overload the circuits. A safer choice for decorating is using Halloween solar powered lights. It is possible they cost a little more up front, but they save money in the long run and are usually built to last since they must withstand weather. Keep small lights away from small children and big lights away from big children! Have a safe and happy Halloween.