Coming up with the perfect costume for Halloween is not just about the clothing. To get the complete look together and stand out, you need to pair the clothing with the perfect Halloween makeup. No matter who you are going to pretend to be, there is a look for it.


You do not need to be an expert of cosmetics to be able to do these Halloween makeup ideas. All you need is a plan the right tools to get the job done if you really want to look great. Everything from face paint to every day cosmetics will come into play when you are putting together the perfect look.


Fairy Halloween Makeup


When you think about a fairy, you are going to see a being that is magical. They shimmer and are almost not even there when you look at them. The look that you want to go with when you choose this costume is going to need to match this idea.


A very basic thing that you can do is to give an iridescent shimmer to your face. Using regular glitter in key spots is possible but this technique will give you a natural glow. You will need a white eye shadow that has a bit of shimmer in it.


With a large fan brush, you want to apply this powder to the top of your cheek bones. With an eye shadow brush, you can place a bit of the white eye shadow on the inside corner of each eye. You can also highlight where your eyebrow arches.


Vampire Makeup Looks


There are many different ways that you can go with vampire makeup. The first look that you can do is going to be a more romantic looking vampire. Think of this as the blood red lips and they smoky eyes. You will want to keep the reds bright and the look more brooding.


Another look that you can do is going to be scarier. You will want to take the skin very white. Use darker shadows on the face to make the cheek bones sunken in. You can also leave the lips paler then they are naturally.


There are Halloween makeup kits that you can get that will have everything that you need to do a vampire look. You can also buy individual items like Manic panic white to give your skin that vampire look that you need.


Pirate Halloween Makeup


There a few key components that you need for most pirate looks. The first thing is the darker eyes. This is smoky eyes but much more dramatic. One of the best ways to achieve this is with black kohl eye liner. You will make think lines all of the way around each eye. You then use a smudger and go along each line.


The other item that you will need if you are doing a guy’s look is that unshaved look. Now you can achieve this without going a few days without shaving.


Halloween Makeup is Fun


This is not something that you need to be an expert on in order to achieve Halloween perfection. Cream face paints in rich colors with a brush can create just about anything that you can dream of. You can also use every day makeup to become the being that you have chosen.


One word of advice is to practice what you are going to wear at least once before the big night. This will help you to get the application technique down perfectly. On a night when you will be staying in, give yourself a trial run of what you are planning on doing.


So get your tools and products that you will need now so that you will be ready for the big night!


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