Looking to set the Halloween mood at an affordable price? Halloween paper lanterns may be just the thing. These Halloween decorations help set a hair-raising tone for the scariest of all nights, and they do without killing your bank account. Discover more about these paper lanterns, including a few varieties and where to buy them, by reading on.

Halloween Paper Lanterns:  Big Boos, Big Fun, Little Price

Halloween paper lanterns are like any other form of cheap paper lanterns on the market when it comes to their functionality. They are an Asian-inspired form of outdoor and indoor lighting made typically from rice paper and thin wire. They can come in either AC-powered or battery-powered LED versions, giving you the flexibility to find a type that can work just about anywhere around your home.

halloween paper lanterns(112552)

Where generic paper lanterns are about color and Asian-inspired charm, these Halloween party supplies tend to the fun, spooky, eerily charming, and even downright scary. They come in unique holiday shapes, styles, and colors like witches hats, pumpkin lights, and floating cartoon zombie heads. These paper lanterns set the tone for special event guests and trick-or-treaters alike.

While their styles may be scary, the prices of these holiday paper lanterns are definitely not. They are the perfect budget decoration to layer throughout your home. Most paper lanterns can be purchased for just a dollar or two per lanterns making them an affordable way to make a splash. You'll even find some value packs that bring the prices down even further.

Halloween Paper Lantern Selections

There are a lot of great Halloween paper lantern styles out on the market today that can fit any sort of Halloween theme you are considering.

halloween lantern value pack

Amscan Halloween Lantern Value Pack

If you're looking for some paper lanterns to set a more subdued, adult tone, these are just the thing. They mix unique patterns and Halloween icons with the traditional orange and black colors of the night.

smiling paper pumpkinsSmiling Paper Pumpkins Halloween Hanging Lantern Set

A good-looking set up pumpkin lights that really bring a bit of fun-loving charm to Halloween.

Witch Hat Paper Lanternwitches hat paper lantern

Breaking out of the normal shapes, this Halloween lantern is perfect for the witches out there looking to make their presence known on Halloween night.

Mr. Bones Halloween Paper Lantern String Lights

mr. bones halloween paper lanterns

Fun, skeleton-inspired paper lanterns, ready to go for stringing on your porch or banisters.

Where To Buy Halloween Paper Lanterns

The styles above and many more can be bought at Amazon.com. It has a big variety of Halloween paper lanterns and other Halloween decorations that can be purchased at any time of year. Plus, the prices are hard to beat.

When the "Boo" season comes about, you'll also find Halloween paper lanterns lining the store shelves of party stores, department stores, and even your local drug stores. Though the stock may be limited compared to the variety you will find online.

Halloween paper lanterns light up any night during the holiday season in style. It's a good idea to stock up on a few today so that you're ready to inspire your children and your neighborhood with your Halloween spirit.