What are some fun Halloween Party Games? This is a question that gets asked a lot, but there are not too many good answers. Besides the classic, Bobbing for Apples, what games do you associate with Halloween. I don't know about you, but having been the self-proclaimed Halloween King, I have a few ideas for your mind. Some require a small investment in time and money, some you can do right now for free if you wanted to. Halloween is the perfect holiday to let your creative side come out, especially when it comes to party games. The way I describe a game, should not keep you from making it your own. Whether its scary, fun or just plain crazy, these Halloween party games can deliver.

The first thing you should consider is your surroundings for the Halloween party. If you live in the city, spooky basements, garages, attics, alleys, and backyards are your best bet. If you live in the country, woods, sheds, old barns, big open fields also become spooky options. If your not trying to set a scary mood, just make sure your lighting is appropriate. Great lighting schemes for a Halloween party include; candle light, black lights, strobe lights, flashlights in the dark, campfires, and laser effects. If possible, try to combine one or more.

Carve Some Pumpkins! (28115)

Your audience plays a big part as to what Halloween party games you should play. Obviously, the ages of participants will be the biggest factor. My personal rule goes like this.

  • Kids ten and under- no scares, only fun games
  • Kids ten to thirteen- a little scary, mostly fun
  • Teenagers- scare em', don't bore em', (hard to do, and they complain about everything)
  • Adults- games have to be entertaining, and at least one awesome scare
  • Elderly- more of a relaxed setting, for example- Halloween Bingo

Spooky Halloween Party Games

The most controversial Halloween party game is, any game involving a Ouija Board. For those of you who don't know, a Ouija Board is usually some kind of wooden board with letters, numbers and/or symbols, and most have a simple Yes or No written on them. The only other thing you need is a planchette and a few people. The definition of planchete is, a small triangular board supported by two casters and a vertical pencil that, when lightly touched by the fingertips, is said to spell out subconscious or supernatural messages. Put the two together, and you can just imagine what might happen. Many people who believe in the supernatural, will not even be in the same room with a Ouija Board. They claim that you can never really know what spirit you have contacted. Lets say your having fun at your Halloween party, by trying to contact the ghost of Elvis. Well, who you thought was Elvis is really a ten thousand year old Demon from the Netherworld. The point is, be careful what you wish for. I will note that Parker Brothers has sold thousands of these over the years, and many people have had a lot of fun and no troubles what so ever. As far as my personal experiences, I have seen some very unexplainable things over the years and I don't mess with them anymore. Although I do have a few old ones, just as art pieces only.

Cool Ouija

Another spooky Halloween party game is one I like to call, who's got guts! It's basically whatever good scare you want to set up, then one by one you see who's got the guts to go check it out. Warning, I have been known to go all out, when I set up a good scare. Take it however far you can, and try to out do me. My last great, already classic scare goes like this. After we bought the house we currently live in, I found a unmarked gravestone in the old shed out back. That set my whole Halloween scare plan in motion. I put the stone about 600 yards out in the woods. I walked to it back and forth a few times to create a pathway to follow. At our next Halloween party, I dared a few victims to walk out to the unknown grave and snap a photo of themselves with the stone. Everybody that knows me, expected that something would be waiting for them at the grave site. To get back to the path you have to walk through the backyard past our pond. It's a good size pond, about half an acre and ten feet deep in the middle. I purposely let the vegetation around there go wild the past few months. Although it started to die back in the Fall, there was still plenty of cover there. This scare would only work if I went with them, all of us together. I had my neighbors son dress up all in black and hide in the pond. We all took a stroll out there, everybody laughing, waiting for my handy work. Nope, nothing happened. We were on our way back and I am explaining how I never set up any scare, I was hoping for a natural occurence at the gravesite, blah, blah. We get back to the edge of safeness and you guessed it, he jumps out behind us all! I got everyone pretty good with this, even myself. I know this is more of a prank, then a Halloween party game but you can see where I'm goin'. The technique of leading someone on a scary journey and saving the scare till the very end, when they think it's safe, works really well.

Scary Place

Fun Halloween Party Games

So you want to turn your Halloween party up a notch. Add some humor in with all the scary stuff. For this section I will give you a list of fun ideas.

  1. Musical Chairs with Halloween music.
  2. Scrabble or any word game with words only relating to Halloween.
  3. Call out lines from horror movies, whoever gets the most, wins a Halloween surprise.
  4. Halloween Karaoke, works great for Halloween since people are already dressed up silly, they don't mind as much.
  5. Halloween Treasure Hunt, use Halloween supply store props. Such as; fake fingers, ears, toes, eyeballs, feet, hands, heads, masks, creepy dolls and puppets, whatever. You can have a lot of fun with this.
  6. Halloween Hide n' Seek, make up the scary or fun rules yourself.
  7. Pumpkin Bowling, setup whatever you got for pins and roll some pumpkins at it. This is actually very fun if you got the right crowd.

Example of Pins for Pumpkin Bowling

Halloween Party Games for Kids

If you want to keep children entertained in this day and age, you really need to be creative. I have created the following list to give you some ideas for the kids.

  1. As the children enter, they guess how much candy is in a big bag. Closest gets to keep all the candy.
  2. Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest, make sure you have enough prizes and they are suppervised.
  3. Halloween Coloring Contest.
  4. Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin. Pin the Shapes on the Pumpkin. Paper, of course.
  5. If you have the ability, hay rides! Does not have to be scary, kids love hay rides. So do I come to think of it, especially in the Fall.
  6. Bobbing for Apples, try to put a different twist on it. Always have adult supervision when bobbing for anything.
  7. Kids Halloween movie night.
  8. Don't Drop the Pumpkin. Just like Don't Drop the Egg. Use small pumpkins, obviously.
  9. And the best Halloween game ever for kids, well according to my kids. Simply called, I'm gonna git you. It's where I dress up in a not so scary outfit and chase them around screaming "I'm gonna git you"! I know it's stupid, but the kids love it and laugh like crazy.

That's what it's all about to me, making the kids laugh and have a good time. Oh, and scaring the crap out of adults!

Halloween Party Games Wrap Up

I hope I have given you some new ideas to work with. A good Halloween party can accommodate everybody with the right activities. The last thing I want at any of my parties is for people to get bored. Don't be afraid to change things up a bit. Bringing out several different reactions in people will make them remember your Halloween party always. Don't be afraid to ask others to help. My best parties over the years would have been disasters if it wasn't for help. The more people you can get hyped to contribute, the better your chances of success. Please leave any ideas or stories below. I love reading Halloween tales. Whether its spooky, fun or for the kids, entertaining Halloween party games will keep em' coming back year after year.

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